What we're about

This group is for women in their fabulous 40s and 50s (and surrounding ages) who like to read, cook, socialize, eat, build friendships and have fun! Each month we will read a book and at the end of the month we will get together to discuss the book. Here's the twist: Every other month we will get together at a group member's house and have a themed potluck. During this meeting we might cook foods that are "comfort foods." Or maybe we have a "Mexican Food" night or "BBQ" night! It will be decided by members. The other month when we don't have a potluck we will go out to eat and discuss the book at the restaurant. Didn't finish the book? No problem! You can come for the companionship and good food!

Upcoming events (1)

"Every Summer After" Meetup with Summer Fare

Centennial Hills


At June's meetup we will discuss the easy beach reading book "Every Summer After" by Carley Fortune while eating some Summer Fare.
Bring a dish that goes well in the summer, such as fruit salad, bbq, other salads, corn, grilled foods, strawberry shortcake etc.

Please list what you are bringing below to make sure we have a good combo of appetizers, main dishes, side dishes/salads, and desserts. Event address will be announced nearer to the event and the address will be given to attendees by email the day before the event. $5 by venmo to @Dannene-Drummond (friends not business) will hold your place. Please pay within 48 hours of signing up for the meet or you will be removed from the meeting (but you can go back in at a later date as long as it isn't full). The fee is non-refundable (including if you cancel) and will be used to purchase drinks, etc. for the meetup.

Attendance policy: 24 hours or more notice for cancellation. If you cancel in less than 24 hours you will get 1 warning then on the next occurrence will be removed from the group. If you are a no show you will be removed from the group.
One more thing, when you cancel last minute, that can make us short on certain meal courses, so please give us plenty of notice for cancellations for the success of the event! Thank you for your consideration!