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The thing about meditation is: You become more and more you. (David Lynch)
Welcome everyone to our meditation space on Sundays from 5.30 to 7pm at the Yoga & Qigong School of Sumner (, 42 Nayland Street, Sumner (across Supermarket), Christchurch, New Zealand.
Basically, it is free to attend - a koha/donation is much appreciated if you can, and like to support us with $5 per session to help cover the costs for the hire of the hall. This group is about the freedom to do meditation your own way - no strings attached, no specific things to comply with, no religious orientation involved. If you do have a religious orientation yourself which you prefer to follow, you are welcome as well of course. Our group offers a space of openness, tolerance, inspiration, and oneness.
No matter whether it is your first meditation or you have done meditation before, it is an open space for 90 minutes for you to sit as long as you like, and come and go as you please. I have started this group in 2012 because I couldn't find a meditation group in Christchurch which was not affiliated to some sort of religion or certain philosophy, so our group is just about meditation and everybody can do it their own way.

We play recorded guided meditations during the first 45 minutes for everyone new to meditation, or everyone who prefers some guidance at the start. These guided meditations provide basic information about how to meditate. These audios are basic introductions spoken by Russel Delman (We have Russel's consent for the usage, but there are no further affiliations with his teachings). The guided meditations include instructions about posture and breathing, they are 15 mins in duration each with a 15 min break in-between, in which Tibetan Bell sounds are played to help with silent meditation. You are also welcome to lie down and just relax, or change your posture anytime you feel like it.

We also have some cards there, 'Inner peace cards' or 'Heart cards', which offer either a word or a theme to meditate on, if you wish. For the rest of the time, we just sit in silence with the beautiful Tibetan Bell sounds in the background or other supportive music.

Bolsters, blankets, and chairs from the yoga school are available for use. You are welcome to bring your own items if you like.

If it is your first meditation ever, then, if possible, please come a little earlier so that we can show you some sitting option.

See you on a Sunday

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