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Just because…

• You were told not to, doesn’t mean you can’t!

• You were told to be afraid of your abilities, doesn’t mean you have to be. Being empowered by them is way more fun!!

We believe that it is time to look upon our abilities as blessings and cultivate them to their fullest potential.

There are supernatural playgrounds everywhere, let us show you!

This is the group for those EAGER to step into their Supernatural/Spiritual abilities!!

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Manifesting, Full Moon, Beach and Fun !!!! ( +Madeleine's Birthday celebration)

Shadowbrook Restaurant


Come and Manifest with passion all that you truly desire!!!

The full moon, with its intense amount of energy, is a good time for releasing and manifesting. It is important to take action, harness this powerful energy and make use of it in a positive way. Take this time to let go and cleanse. Purge things that no longer serve you, release yourself from old attitudes or thoughts that block you from being your best self. If you are feeling stuck in and having difficulty moving towards your goals, use this opportunity to tap into the full moon’s energy to bring back growth into your life. Remember that the full moon in its luminescence and brightest phase brings immense energy and amplifies whatever it is that you are thinking, feeling or doing. So stay positive and be positive throughout the full moon.

So how shall we honor such an amazing opportunity? Let’s get a group together and play with manifesting in a positive way. If you have questions, bring them! If you want feedback, just ask! If you want powerful people to help you bring magical experiences into your life, we’re here for you!

** This is my birthday weekend so please come and celebrate and have some fun with me


4pm: **Optional**: Meet at Mr Toots for coffee and spiritual discussion

5pm-7:00pm Dinner (NOT included in price) at Shadowbrook Restaurant in Capitola ( we will be in the Rock Room area of the restaurant: here is the menu https://www.shadowbrook-capitola.com/rock-room/ )

  • Manifests will be written and turned into flame later at the beach.
  • You will receive specific instruction on how to write your manifest

7:30pm- 9pm Enjoy the Full Moon rise over the ocean.

  • We will light our Manifests at the beach and send it into the universe.
  • Sparklers to be lit at the beach for a little extra fun…

Fee: $33 to cover the cost of the evenings activities (does NOT include dinner)

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know..

Thank you
Madeleine Harmath
Saving Grace Healing Services

Supernatural Sundays - Ultimate Healing Share and Social event

Earl R. Carmichael Park

This is a social event for those who wish to come together and safely practice their metaphysical skills or simply share their wisdom. All skill levels are welcome. Many days we will have an intentional focus such as: group healings and readings, but you are always free to come play and have your own experience. Mostly, it is just an excuse to share community spirit and each other’s company.

Reiki, Motoki, Cranial Sacral as well as all other healing modalities welcome.

Fee $20 cash at the event!!!!

We will be setting up a few tables. Please contact us if you wish to bring your own.

A few requirements:
o 18 or over
o Masks are optional, but still recommended
o Water/Tea will be provided
o Food is not allowed at the venue

Thank you
Madeleine Harmath
Saving Grace Healing Services

Sutro Baths + Sutro Home Marker Supernatural Experience

680 Point Lobos Ave


Join an amazing group of Highly sensitive/intuitive people as we explore one of the most diverse sites of unusual experiences in energy. This is what you can look forward to:

Agenda for the event:

  1. We will first walk up to Sutro Home Marker (Adolph Sutro's Home) where you can practice your psychometry skills and energetically tune into a day and life at the Sutro Home.
  2. Then we will go across the street where we will go into a Cave, and experience a gateway into another dimension.
  3. After the Cave we will visit the Sutro Bath Ruins where you will have a second opportunity to practice you psychometry skills and tune into a day and life at the Sutro Baths.
  4. Then we will explore the surrounding area for other amazing inter-dimensional phenomena.

Please layer your clothing and wear hiking boots or Tennis shoes
NO open toed shoes!!!!

**** Caution******

To get to the ruins you will have to walk down a VERY Steep hill. Please wear tennis shoes or hiking boots!!!!

Please pay attention to where you are walking at all times. Sutro’s is in ruin, which means there are areas that can be unstable and dangerous.

You must always be aware of your surroundings and move cautiously!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Thank you

Madeleine Harmath
Saving Grace Healing Services

The Sutro Home:
Adolph Sutro purchased a small cottage on this site in 1881, part of an initial purchase of 1.65 acres of land on Sutro Heights. He remodelled the cottage into his ornate, yet somewhat modest, residence by glassing in the porch and adding a rear terrace overlooking Ocean Beach. After Sutro’s death, the home fell into disrepair and was eventually demolished in 1939.

Sutro Baths History:
On March 14, 1896, the Sutro Baths were opened to the public as the world's largest indoor swimming pool establishment. The baths were built on the western side of San Francisco by wealthy entrepreneur and former mayor of San Francisco.

The structure was situated in a small beach inlet below the Cliff House. The baths struggled for years, mostly due to the very high operating and maintenance costs. Eventually, the southernmost part of the baths were converted into an ice skating rink, with a wall separating it from the dilapidated swimming pools,[5] until 1964 when the property was sold to developers for a planned high-rise apartment complex.

A fire in 1966 destroyed the building while it was in the process of being demolished. All that remains of the site are concrete walls, blocked-off stairs and passageways, and a tunnel with a deep crevice in the middle.

Mt Shasta Awakening and Renewal Retreat

Mount Shasta


Mt. Shasta Magical Awakening and Renewal
Tour Cost $777 (Lodging, Transport and Meal NOT INCLUDED)

Mount Shasta is known worldwide for its incredible spiritual power and healing water. Some refer to Mt Shasta as the root chakra of the Earth, while others talk about the portal and vortexes they experience. In fact, people travel from all corners of our planet to receive the gifts of awakening and renewal this majestic mountain offers.

If you’re ready to raise your vibe and take a quantum leap in your spiritual journey, join us on a small group tour of our favorite sites. Let us guide you to sacred spaces, bring forward new guides on your journey and enjoy the healing beauty of nature’s sound bath.

On this magical mountain, you will deeply reconnect with that which is always present. Maybe you have been waiting to go to Mt . Shasta to receive knowledge, wisdom and healing.

Time to cash in that much deserved time off and run for the hills. Envision yourself in Mt. Shasta this September… the fresh air, the sounds of waterfalls, as nature comes alive. Do you hear the sounds of nature calling you, ‘cuz they are calling us. Are you a Crystal Lover or Crystal Curious. This is a great place to bring your favorite crystal or find a new one. Love to get out in nature and hike, let us guide you amongst the splendor Mt Shasta has to offer.

Now is the time to get away from your everyday routine and recharge yourself with Shasta’s natural beauty!!!!

As your fearless leaders, we are happy to help facilitate carpool situations ahead of time for the trek to Mt. Shasta (5-6 hour drive from Bay Area), where we share gas prices, good vibes & conversations, so contact us to get in the carpool plans now.

**Looking to drive yourself so you can stay longer or shorter, great idea!

Carpool Fee is EXTRA $125/person that will be collected the day of the trip.
Itinerary (subject to change)

Tuesday September 26th[masked]:00pm

  • Arrive at Mt Shasta ( if carpooling, we will leave at 8am)
  • If driving yourself, plan to get to the city of Mt Shasta at or before 3 pm.

While we are at Mt Shasta, we will visit:

  • Mt. Shasta City park for a guided Meditation and walk through a forest
    - Experience Vortex, Portals/Gateways and receive a Healing
    - Bring lots of empty bottles to fill up with crisp and clean Mt Shasta High Vibrational water, for FREE
  • Hedge Creek Waterfall (easy access)
    - Energetically connecting to the Lemurians at Telos
    - Receive knowledge, wisdom and a healing from the Lemurians
  • McCloud Upper, Middle and Lower Falls (easy access)
    - Let go of all that does not serve you!!!
  • Burney Falls: McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park (Easy access)
    Ancient Aquatic Lake bed - Water Elementals
    The park’s centerpiece is the thundering white-water falls on Burney Creek, augmented by the voluminous springs emanating from the basalt cliff face.
  • Peace garden:
    - Many areas to sit and Meditate.
    - Filled with Labyrinths and vortexes to visit and receive knowledge and wisdom
  • Crystal time: visit 2 Crystal shops filled with unique and very powerful crystals
  • Shopping in the town of Mt. Shasta
  • 1 FREE Day to Rest and relax, get a massage, do your own thing. Free time to explore or just sit and allow energy of the mountains to sink into the very core of your being.

Sunday Oct 1st 2pm: Leaving Mt Shasta

  • Breakfast at 9am
  • **Lake Shasta Cavern 11am-1pm (Additional $40)
  • Picnic Lunch at Lake Shasta 1pm - 2pm
  • Leave Shasta area at 2pm
  • If carpooling, we will arrive back in the Bay Area at 9pm depending on traffic.


Cozy spot for the night: We have a suggested list of hotels ($140-$300 a night per room) we have vetted in person, although you are free to stay anywhere in downtown Mt. Shasta that suits you best, as it is a small town. Once you have booked, we will provide more details .

Let them eat what?!?:
Madeleine, as an omnivore, and Renee, as a gf vegan, are planning group meals (optional) at restaurants we have visited. That said, everyone gets a voice and we will decide as a group as we stay in Divine Flow even as we eat. Still wondering about food specifics: ask us about all the options or step into the bliss of receiving the unknown yummy surprises awaiting us all.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us at anytime.

Thank you
Madeleine Harmath and Renee Chua


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