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What we’re about

Susquehanna Valley Homeschoolers is a community of homeschooling families committed to giving information, guidance, support and encouragement to other homeschooling families in Central Pennsylvania.

We believe it is the fundamental right of all parents to educate their children, and the right of all children to learn in a supportive and encouraging environment that is responsive to their needs and interests. In keeping with the uniqueness of every child, parent and family, SV Homeschoolers utilize a wide variety of methods, from school-at-home to un-schooling. We share freely of our talents and ideas, taking advantage of our collective knowledge and skills

While we choose to educate our children at home, we do not believe in cutting them off from the world. To that end, SV Homeschoolers plan group school sessions, project learning days, field trips, group gatherings, and other opportunities to build community and friendships. We welcome new members interested in joining us on our amazing, sometimes chaotic, but always rewarding, homeschool adventure...