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What we’re about

This meditation is the method to find the Truth within and the Land of Truth within. Each religion has a different name for Truth.  In Christianity, it is said that God is within me, and Heaven, which is God’s land is within me.  In Buddhism it is said that Buddha is within me, and the Land of Bliss, which is the Land of Buddha is within me.  In Islam it is said that Allah is within me, and Paradise, which is the Land of Allah, is within me.
However, each person lives within their own mind world, which overlaps the world, so they cannot find the Truth within. If you throw away and discard the human mind, which composed of the habits (inherited from the ancestors), the karma (lived life) and the body, which is the false, illusionary mind, you can find the Truth within you.  When only Truth remains in your mind, you and the world are reborn within your mind. You are reborn in the Land of Truth, which is Heaven, Land of Bliss, Paradise. Because you have Truth within your mind, you will have true gratitude and happiness and you can focus on what you do and be successful. You can live well and happily while you have this body, and eternally never die. This is something we must achieve while we have a body.  It is not something we can find after this body dies and disappears.  If there is a way for you to find heaven within, live happily and eternally never die, wouldn’t you do it? You can start now.

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