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[Courtesy Notice: This is only a friendly online email communication reminder. No physical meetup for this event] Dear entrepreneurs, startup founders, technologists and professionals, We are happy to offer you opportunities to build your next tech startup company. We will help you get customers and market shares. And you will be funded as well! This comes from the huge efforts of the Reverse Innovation program, launched by TSVC, in collaboration with SVSIAN and other partners in both the US and internationally. Reverse Innovation is a very efficient strategy of performing international entrepreneurship and cross-border innovations. Yes, we help you build your next tech startup. Regarding the technologies, We currently focus on computer vision technologies, which has tremendous market potentials. We also believe robotics will have huge values for different kinds of industrial applications. Besides, we also welcome other technologies such as AI, ML, IoT as well as other disruptive innovations. For more information, please contact us by sending email to [masked] with detailed information about yourself. Please feel free to send us Business plans and pitch decks if you have any.

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Our institute is dedicated to helping Silicon Valley Chinese engineers, entrepreneurs and startup team members to share resources and promote collaborations amongst engineers, innovators, entrepreneurs, students, business owners, startup founders, executives and investors.

Besides hosting technical and business events as well as social networking mixers, we provide an effective supporting network and platform by bringing together all kinds of talents of different technology backgrounds and competences.

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SV Café, a crowd-funding and networking platform, is built to provide Silicon Valley elites with all backgrounds a place to communicate and interact with each other, as well as to pool all resources and connections to achieve cross-border conversation. The platform differentiates itself from similar kinds by primarily focusing on talent, idea and connection "crowdfunding" instead of the traditional money crowd-funding. In the mean time, unlike an incubator, SV Café emphasizes the importance of communication, networking and opportunity developing and sharing.

SV Café devotes itself to combining the Chinese style – the experience from the success of Chinese crowd-funding model – with the Silicon Valley feature, the core of which is the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. It expects to contribute to the formation of a stronger bond between Silicon Valley and China by hosting and organizing a series of inspiring cross-border events.

Defined as "a shared dining place", SV Café is organized in a club and salon style in several convenient locations with top-quality service. It sets its mission as border crossing and resource pooling. Catering service is the basis of its operation, while the inspiration, innovation and other potentials generated from networking and communication make up its higher value. The common belief in SV Café is that connection leads to mutual trust, which brings opportunities of cooperation. "In SV Café, you can do business, meet with new people, find potential opportunities, raise fund from the crowd, and also have fun," said one of the committee members. Currently, the launch of SV Café is in progress, with a dedicated team working on location selection.

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