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What we’re about

Are you an unmarried woman who doesn't have any children? If so, guess what? You're a SWaNK!

Welcome to the Toronto chapter of SWaNK. It is a local community of women organized for women who identify with being a SWANK: a Single Woman and No Kids. Join our Meetup group for events and gatherings that will include entertainment, support, friendship, and fun with other SWaNKs.

We are also now on Instagram and Twitter. Follow us @ SWaNKToronto

The SWaNK Evolution is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and is expanding to other parts of the continent. If you are interested in being a leader, please contact Carolyn Quan, the Founder of SWaNK, for more information:

An event that requires an Event Organizer to secure a criterion, setting, or venue will likely require an event fee paid up front. Each event will be priced with the intent to cover expenses for the event, not to produce revenue. Any surplus will serve as the operating budget to used towards these expenses:

  • Organizer Fee (so that the Organizer does not have to pay out-of-pocket to keep the group platform active on Meetup).
  • Incidental costs (to help subsidize event fees for larger events (e.g. the cost to secure a permit, rental fees, etc.)

Any revenue above and beyond what is needed to cover event fees, the Organizer Fee, or incidental costs in a given year will roll into the next year to fund these same annual expenses.

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