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This month we're very pleased to welcome:

📐 Marcin Krzyżanowski ( – Swift, meet Storyboard

💯 Johannes Weiß ( – Algebra of Algebraic Data Types

👇 Simon Gladman ( – 3D Touch

One of those evenings where we make the most of a passing opportunity! Marcin is over from Poland for the day, and we're very happy to welcome him. Both Johannes and Simon have kindly volunteered to join him, with a weekend to prepare. A grand Swift adventure!

You may remember all three from Swift Summit ( in the spring.


6:30PM - Doors open

7PM - We start the talks

We'll take a 15 minute mingling break between each talk.

Follow @SwiftLDN ( for updates 📡


Education should be open to all.

It's very important to us that everyone who can come is welcome, and we try hard to make this something that you can come to.

Our gatherings are usually dry. We'd like a diverse lineup of speakers throughout the year, and though we may not always succeed on a given night, we're actively hunting. If you'd like to talk, we'd love to help you. Having a diverse audience is important too, it's something else we're working on.

If you'd like to help us improve, that would be fantastic!

You can read more about our hopes here (


While at the meetup (and hopefully in your life outside), all attendees are asked to behave respectfully in accordance with our CODE OF CONDUCT (

In short: be nice, be respectful, consider and listen to others.


If you would like to talk, or you are unsure about talking, please tell us what you need to make it happen: Twitter ( | Email ([masked])