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The new edition of Swift Paris is here! This time it will be hosted by BlaBlaCar and we'll have our international speaker thanks to Swift Paris Jobs (-> https://swift.paris)!

Here are the talks:

Victor Carmouze & Thomas Fromont - Another Brick in the App

Having a consistent and scalable UI/UX through an application is a key point for developers and can sometimes be frustrating.
After presenting what is a design system and how one can take advantage of it, we will demonstrate how we introduced it in our codebase at BlaBlaCar.

Marin Todorov - Dispatch with Concurrency

If you follow Apple's best practices all your concurrent code should be build using dispatch queues. Regardless of how much abstractions you stack on top to give you the power of promisses or reactive programming, Dispatch is the framework it all builds upon. Let's have a look at few practical examples of how to harness the power of that simple but essential API.

The meetup starts at 6:30pm, talks start at 7:30pm.