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What we’re about


This long active group is a group for those that want an informal, regular, dip out at the beach followed by coffee. Who'd have thought that cold sea and caffeine worked so well together.. to say nothing of the benefits of a good yarn with good company.
If you are new to town you are especially welcome!
Yes we run year round- we love a good winter swim too to really feel alive.
Got a dog? Bring your pup for a swim too, we love dogs.

Yes this is a private group, more so out of respect for people's privacy than exclusivity.

The event times and locations are visible to members only.
Membership is not guaranteed on application.

Please note, we don't swim for a few kilometers and wear wetsuits etc, you may need to look elsewhere for dedicated distance swiming.

Local sea temperature varies between 8 and 17 degrees C over the course of the year (it is coldest in August)

*Important Safety Stuff*

Cold water and swimming off a beach does pose a few risks to be aware of; hypothermia, rip tides, and so forth. Whilst Sumner beach is pretty safe, do please brush up on your basic water safety! We won't be venturing far from the shore at all, but lets be careful and look out for each other :)

**Group Policy**

This is an active group with a regular weekly event, and we intend to keep it that way. Organizers will periodically remove members who have joined but never attended or made contact with the group- nothing personal, just good house keeping.

Being a dick or harassing other members (in person or via meetup or any other way really) is unacceptable, against the spirit of the group and will result in stand downs and bans. Keeping this group a welcoming and friendly space is a priority.