• January Meetup!

    MakerBot Industries

    At the next meeting for the SOLIDWORKS User Group of New York City, get a close-up look at the recently revealed MakerBot Method. Introduced as the “First Performance 3D Printer,” the Method was designed to bring industrial quality printing to a desktop system. In addition to seeing the product itself, the engineering team will discuss using SOLIDWORKS tools in the development process. Gary Mac, Elite Application Engineer from Trimech, will present "60 Tips in 60 Minutes." Attendees will learn several (60, actually) time-saving SOLIDWORKS tips This meeting is presented with help from our sponsors Rapid, a Protolabs Company. https://rapidmanufacturing.com/ SOLIDWORKS User Group Network http://swugn.org/ Space is limited to 40 people, RSVP's are required.

  • September Meetup!


    Featured presenters: * Matt Rohr Matt Rohr is a Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert and the founder of the SOLIDWORKS User Group of New York City! He will be giving an interactive presentation to showcase some personal successes using a few favorite tools in SOLIDWORKS 2018. * Heather Hasz Heather Hasz is the Brand and Community Ambassador for DriveWorks Ltd. Heather spends a large part of her time working and networking with technical resources to assist with presenting on DriveWorks at SOLIDWORKS User Groups in North America and other parts of the world. Heather has a strong background in program development, project management and building relationships. She holds her B.S. in Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University. She lives in the Northeast with her husband Earl, daughter Abbey and their 2 dogs (who she refers to fondly as her 'interns'). Before joining the DriveWorks team, Heather spent eight (8) years working for SOLIDWORKS. At SOLIDWORKS, she helped manage the SOLIDWORKS Partner Program. Those that are veterans to SOLIDWORKS World may recognize her as the former "voice" of the Partner Pavilion. Presentation Activate to Automate with DriveWorksXpress Heather will provide an overview of DriveWorksXpress, the free design automation tool that sits inside every seat of SOLIDWORKS. Heather will also be presenting on the DriveWorksXpress Training and Certification program. * Earl Hasz Earl has been with SOLIDWORKS since the fall of ’99. In that time he has seen the growth of the product from one product to a wide array of products that it is today. During the early part of his career at SOLIDWORKS, Earl managed the API Support team and helped to define the interfaces that are used by those additional products as well as range of partner products. Today, Earl manages the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Engineering Technical Sales team in North America specifically SOLIDWORKS Electrical and SOLIDWORKS PCB. Presentation Brewing with Electricity – The SOLIDWORKS Electric Brewery This presentation is for the inner brewer in us all. We’ll have a look at home brewing and how I have taken a hobby and applied it to my day job at SOLIDWORKS. The topics we’ll cover are the steps in brewing beer; how I took a DIY kit and applied it to SOLIDWORKS Electrical; where can we go from there with these other SOLIDWORKS Electrical Engineering tools.

  • June Meetup! SOLIDWORKS xDesign on Tour! Foldstar! SOLIDWORKS Simulation!

    Get a preview of SOLIDWORKS xDesign! >> Michael PEREZ has over 10 years of experience at Dassault Systemes and its 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, which makes him an expert of it. He first worked for 8 years in CATIA Brand as a QA Manager and was in charge of the quality of CATIA Apps on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. Then, 3 years ago, he joined the SOLIDWORKS Product Management team and is now, as a Senior Product Manager, responsible for the SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE portfolio, 3DEXPERIENCE Social Collaboration Services for SOLIDWORKS users and SOLIDWORKS Product Designer brand new product. He’s also deeply involved in the product management activities of one of the newest offerings, SOLIDWORKS xDesign. Michael will show the capabilities of this browser-based design tool, answer your questions, and maybe even show you how you can get started using it. >> Foldstar Inc. is a New Jersey start-up that has introduced for the first time in the 3D design industry - software for designing folded tessellations. Folded tessellations are complex patterns generated easily by the Foldstar algorithm that permit low-cost manufacturing of complex structures from flat materials using the simple act of folding. These patterns can be created by the designer using incredibly simple inputs and intuitive methods found in the Foldstar software and its advanced user interface (UI). The company also offers machine design IP to manufacture the folded product and design services as required. The new software and services allow for the creation of first of its kind complex and beautiful folding patterns for low-cost manufacturing products in industries such as: > Packaging > Automotive > Architecture > Mechanical Design >> Casey Colligan is a Senior Support Engineer for CADimensions, based out of Albany. He has been working at CADimensions for over 2 years now performing SOLIDWORKS training, and providing technical support. Casey will be sharing a brief overview of the different packages of SOLIDWORKS Simulation. Covering what’s different with each package and what functionality each contains, followed by a demonstration showing how to setup a linear static study for both SimXpress and Simulation Standard.

  • April Meetup! Focus on Additive Manufacturing

    This meeting will focus on additive manufacturing. We will see presentations from multiple industry experts, exploring 3D printing technologies, applications, and design tools. We will be hosted by 3D printing experts Robert Steiner and Aljosa Kemperle at Roboto.NYC This meeting is presented with support from Cimquest (cimquest-inc.com/), Paperless Parts (www.paperlessparts.com) and the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network (swugn.org). Our guests: Matt Griffin: Ultimaker Matthew Griffin is Director of Community at Ultimaker North America. Previously, Matt was community manager at Makerbot and Adafruit. Dave Macfie: Cimquest Dave is a degreed mechanical engineer who currently manages 3D printer sales for Cimquest; which represents several additive manufacturing technologies. For the last 16 years, Dave and his team have helped thousands of customers implement successful additive strategies. Today, newer and emerging technologies; such-as HP’s Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) make it possible to produce exceptional functional prototypes or large numbers of final-use capable parts at speeds, costs and quality that are competitive with traditional fabrication processes. Dave will explain HP’s strategy, the MJF process; including relevant costs of ownership. Donald Malloy: Trimech The April 5th SWUG NYC presentation will be focused on 3D scanning applications and scalable additive manufacturing solutions for functional prototyping & manufacturing. The presentation will touch on the development of additive manufacturing products currently offered and in development. The last part of the presentation I will dive into applications of 3D scanning within a diverse spectrum of industries, such as aerospace and automotive. I look forward to meeting the New York City Solidworks User Group and presenting the next generation of innovative design tools! Marlon Banta: SOLIDWORKS This session will demonstrate the new workflows and tools when importing 3D scanned data with new mesh import options for importing STL and OBJ file types containing tessellated data. Attendees will learn new effective mesh modeling techniques of modifying mesh data by adding/subtracting geometry from the mesh bodies.

  • March Meetup!


    At our next Meetup we'll discover how SOLIDWORKS & rapid prototyping are utilized to design next-generation fitness products by the engineering team from Peloton. Sal Lama will be presenting, “Modeling Tips and Techniques.” Lama is a member of the SOLIDWORKS Product Definition team responsible for defining functionality for new releases of the software. He holds a BSME from Rensselaer, and has been a user since 1996. This presentation will provide you with the know-how to build complex geometry along with a multitude of modeling techniques, keyboard shortcuts, and interaction efficiencies sure to help you shave time off your next project. We'll also recap the news & happenings from SOLIDWORKS World 2018! As always we'll provide food, drinks, and giveaways! This meeting is presented with the support of the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network, DriveWorks, Cimquest, and Xometry!


    School of Visual Arts

    Get ready for the SOLIDWORKS LARGEST USER GROUP MEETING EVER (SLUGME)! On November 15th, SOLIDWORKS User Groups from around the world will simultaneously gather for meetings: at a specified time, the groups will tune in to a live broadcast originating from Lincoln, Nebraska. Todd Blacksher (https://www.linkedin.com/in/toddmblacksher/) - of SWUGONE will present “All the Small Things”, a SOLIDWORKS tips and tricks session covering keyboard shortcuts, user interface, sheet metal, weldments, custom properties, to name a few. Last year's SLUGME event involved 33 User Groups with an estimated 741 attendees. This year we expect 50 plus groups and more than 1,000 attendees. Marisa Bober of Trimech will be presenting Getting Started with SolidWorks Visualize Anyone with active subscriptions for SolidWorks Professional or Premium already has a license to SolidWorks Visualize. This presentation will help you get started learning how to use it: -What is Visualize? - How to Activate your Visualize license - Import models into Visualize - Apply backgrounds, surface finishes, and textures - Create a simple camera animation. - Output photorealistic renders (Publish your results to your website or for marketing documents) This meeting is presented with support from the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network (http://swugn.org/) and Xometry (https://www.xometry.com/)!

  • SOLIDWORKS Meetup at NYDesigns


    After a long summer break we're back and excited to announce the first ever meeting in Queens! NYDesigns (http://nydesigns.org/) is a program of LaGuardia Community College that supports small businesses and entrepreneurs with design, fabrication, technology and maker spaces. Joe Galliera, DS SOLIDWORKS (https://www.linkedin.com/in/flowjoe/), will show the benefits of employing a Simulation driven design process to streamline an already tight design schedule from inception to manufacturing. Additionally Joe will include some tips on how to get started with SOLIDWORKS Simulation, and tell us why it doesn’t make sense not to just test it out. Gianluca Mattaroccia, Standard Motor Products, (https://www.linkedin.com/in/gianlucamattaroccia/)will be showing tips and tricks for working with large assemblies, assembly mates, and how to easily configure SOLIDWORKS Toolbox. Food, drink, and giveaways sponsored by the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network (http://swugn.org/)

  • May Meetup - nTopology, Ask the Experts!


    For this meeting we require help from you! Bring your problematic SOLIDWORKS design files to the meeting and let the experts help you. nTopology Element: nTopology makes generative 3D-design software for advanced manufacturing, including metal 3D-printing. Element, allows for highly complex geometric structures to be algorithmically designed, simulated, and tuned for demanding industrial applications. On the right project, Element can save hundreds of design hours and can generate geometries that were previously impossible. nTopology will demonstrate the software. Bring an STL or SOLIDWORKS file if you would like to see Element work on one of your designs. Xometry: Xometry has created a proprietary software platform to offer on demand manufacturing to a diverse customer base, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. The free Xometry Add-In for SOLIDWORKS (http://pages.xometry.com/solidworks-add-in) allows designers and engineers to get an immediate price, lead times, and manufacturability feedback for your CAD model. Ben Warner, Project Engineer at Xometry, will present an overview of the most common additive (3D printing) and subtractive custom manufacturing technologies, how they are used, and some best practices on when to use them for your project. Ask the Experts, 2017 Edition! An interactive presentation featuring a panel of SOLIDWORKS experts - bring your challenging designs, slow-to-rebuild parts, your worst-case-scenarios, your off-the-wall modeling questions, and get the help you need to be more productive with SOLIDWORKS. We'll have plenty of pizza, beverages, and giveaways! This meeting is sponsored by nTopology (http://www.ntopology.com/), Xometry (https://www.xometry.com/), Rapid Sheet Metal (https://rapidmanufacturing.com/rapid-sheet-metal/), and of course - the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network (http://swugn.org/).

  • SOLIDWORKS vs. Mythbusters, Stratasys F370, #SWW17 & more!

    For the first meeting of 2017 we're starting out with some great presenters: Anthony Moschella, VP of Hardware, Peloton Peloton (https://www.pelotoncycle.com/) is a NYC based start-up and SOLIDWORKS customer that is transforming your apartment into an exclusive spinning class. Anthony will show us how Pelton’s innovative approach to studio cycling, and next-generation of stationary bikes are changing the fitness industry. Mike Puckett, Worldwide Certification Manager, SOLIDWORKS Mike will be presenting on the SOLIDWORKS Certification program and showing tips and tricks using Advanced Mechanical mates. He'll be giving away free exam credits for those in attendance. Mythbusters Tribute – Join the Trimech Truthseekers as they pay tribute to a scientific legacy and recreate several of the more famous myths from the show’s 13 year run inside SOLIDWORKS Simulation, as well as some new ones and some other viral video channel content. Can simulation prove the JATO car myth, the Newton’s cradle with wrecking balls, or that spaghetti always breaks into three pieces? Who are the Trimech Truthseekers? Michael Kalin and Andrew Barnes, together more than 20+ years of CAD and FEA experience. Together they use SOLIDWORKS and Simulation to test out viral video content. They don’t just tell the myths, they simulate them in a completely safe classroom because building props is time consuming and expensive. Cimquest is going to show the brand new Stratasys F370 (http://www.stratasys.com/f123/3d-printers) that was introduced at SOLIDWORKS World 2017. And ... news & updates from SOLIDWORKS World 2017! Of course we'll provide food, beverages, and giveaways from our sponsors at SWUGN (http://swugn.org/) and the Rapid Group (https://rapidmanufacturing.com/)!

  • What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2017?

    School of Visual Arts

    At the next meeting of the SOLIDWORKS User Group of New York City we'll be seeing all of the new features & functionality of SOLIDWORKS 2017. SOLIDWORKS is the design solution chosen by more than 3.1 million users worldwide. SOLIDWORKS 2017 introduces the following enhancements: • Customizing Configuration Sort Order • Distance Mates on Cylindrical Components • Facilities Layout • Multiple Edge Selection in DimXpert • Mirroring Drawing Views • Linking a Note to a Table Cell • Import and Export of 3D Manufacturing Files (3MF) • Bi-direction Circular Patterns • Chamfer improvements • Shaded sketch contours • Creating sketch offsets on 3D Geometry surfaces • Direct integration of native CAD formats from PTC, Autodesk, Siemens NX, Solid Edge, and CATIA AND 200+ more Presenting will be Kevin Holbrook Kevin is an Elite Applications Engineer with 16-years at CADimensions. This guy knows everything about SOLIDWORKS. (Kevin was my original SOLIDWORKS instructor back in 2003) As always we'll provide food, drinks, and giveaways!