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SydDT #95: IWD Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress

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SydDT #95: IWD Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress


For International Women’s Day Eve we will be exploring the role Design can play in creating a better economic future for women and the positive impact this has overall when they are given equal opportunities.
With the UN theme this year being Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress. We will examine the pathways design can create to make greater economic inclusions for women across employment pathways & improving financial literacy.

We’ll hear from 3 women who have led the way in this space and tackled some of these critical gaps through their design work and leadership in financial services.

Sarah Heimeier
Sarah Heimeier is an award-winning Service Design Leader with over a decade of industry experience. She has led major transformation projects for some of Australia’s largest financial institutions and leading FinTechs, has spoken at UX Australia and won three Good Design awards.

Sarah is passionate about the interplay of strategy, research, and service design and is at the forefront of the latest design methods. She coaches designers and shares her expertise in talks and workshops. She’s Service Design Lead at Prospa, designing and delivering the company's vision. Sarah has an Honours in Industrial Design and has completed the altMBA. With a love of learning, she's always looking for new things to pursue, such as improvisation, stand-up comedy and watercolour painting.

Esse Spadavecchia
Esse is a seasoned design leader and staunch advocate for human-centred design capabilities. With nearly three decades of industry expertise spanning diverse sectors such as Financial Services, Retail, and Telecommunications, Esse brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Having spearheaded enterprise design teams in Agile settings at prominent organisations like BT Panorama (Westpac Group) and WooliesX (Woolworths Group), Esse's leadership was pivotal in establishing robust design practices and customer-centric approaches. Notably, as a founding member of Athena Home Loans, Esse played a pivotal role in building the startup's design framework & ways of working, garnering recognition with consecutive Fintech of the Year awards 3 years running.

Currently, Esse leads Content & Design teams for TPG Telecom's consumer brands, including Vodafone, TPG, and iiNet.
Beyond corporate endeavours, Esse is deeply committed to fostering diversity, inclusion, and elevating the standards of design practices and operations. This commitment is manifested through Esse's engagements in public speaking, seminars, podcast creation, coaching, and as a panel judge for initiatives like the Women in Digital annual awards.

Esse's dedication to advancing experience design has not only earned accolades but also propelled innovative solutions that resonate with users across various platforms.

Angela Meyer
Angela has a broad background in human centred design—working across spaces of service design, strategic innovation, design thinking, and customer/user research. She has extensive experience planning, facilitating, coaching and leading design in a range of organisational settings. Over the past decade she’s led practice and capability in financial services and human services, with a goal of helping organisations adopt a service design mindset and be more strategic in connecting up to new opportunities.

As a tireless advocate of human-centred design, she helps businesses and organisations develop the products, tools, competencies and cultures they need to transform customer and stakeholder experience. She is a passionate about facilitating great collaboration and conversation to enable understanding, learning, and change. She is currently Head of Strategic and Service Design at Macquarie Bank.

Thanks to ThinkPlace for hosting and catering and Lanson Partners for sponsoring.

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