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Have you been working in Data Science for a while and are frustrated at your current Python programming ? Would like to take your coding skills to the next level?

• Learn what separates the top 1% of programmers from the rest.
• Become an advanced python developer.
• Opportunity to learn and interact with other highly proficient coders in a classroom environment, all for FREE.

So computer programs can be categorised into two buckets.

1) Hacky and inefficient
2) Elegant and efficient

Unfortunately most of our code falls into the first bucket. This is due to the fact that during our learning journey or professional career, we largely focus on just getting the job done. This attitude or mindset stops us from putting in time and effort to learn the fundamentals of designing great computer programs.

Join this study group, organized by DSAi for 4 weeks where we follow the renowned computer scientist and AI pioneer Peter Norvig on his Udacity course 'Design of Computer Programs'.

He breaks down step by step the 3 dimensions of every computer program ie. efficiency, elegance and correctness. The language used throughout the course is Python.

This should benefit people starting their python journey or professionals who want to brush up on fundamentals.

Throughout this course you will also have our very own in house expert tutors to guide and answer your queries during the four weeks run of this course.

This course is 100% free to attend. Additional information is available via Udacity's link below:



Advanced Python Study Group description written by DSAi director of publications : Imam Syed