Past Meetup

Working your scripts

Price: A$5.00 /per person

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The meeting will start at 1pm and finish approximately 4pm.

We will be covering:

1. Script table reads, revision of previous meetup and Q & A

2. Writing development

If you have a script you're working on, bring it along or bring along your draft and we'll love to hear and give feedback on it. There are some simple rules to have a table read done of your script:

a) At the start of the meetup a call for scripts will be made. If you do not declare you have something for the group to read then it cannot be considered for reading that day. Arriving late does not entitle a member to be excluded from this rule.

b) Seven pages only, they can be from anywhere in the script. You will receive seven minutes of feedback from the group after the reading. Bring enough copies of your script to be read out aloud plus one for yourself to make notes with or have a spare available.

c) Your script must have a logline and if completed, a synopsis so members can establish where the section from the table read fits in to your story. If you haven't done loglines before (some call them an elevator pitch) then Blake Snyder's books will provide ample information, or you can view some being tested on [url=][/url]

Bring a pen and paper and write in the meeting. You'll learn more by taking notes.

See you there, Excelsior!

Lee Sheppard

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