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This time we'll look into the hot topic of micro-services. Obviously, all in the context of Symfony! Samuel and Christophe will share their experience and challenges they faced while implementing micro-service oriented applications.

As always, the venue and open bar is sponsored by Inviqa.

If you left feedback on our last meetup (, you'll have a chance to win a PhpStorm license sponsored by JET Brains.

Also, Jakub will provide another Symfony ElePHPant to raffle among those who attend the meetup.

Some tolerance in our (micro)services

Microservice architectures are a way of supporting fast growing applications. The incredible amount of advantages of these architectures also come with a set of challenges such as the deployment pipeline, the monitoring/debugging of the services, or even the fault tolerance of the services.

Symfony applications are obviously able to power such architecture design and we'll see how to tackle some of these challenges with libraries such as Tolerance or tools such as Kubernetes, an orchestration layer for Docker containers.

PHP developer for years, Samuel ROZE ( is now Software Engineer at Inviqa UK. He's a Symfony expert, loves automated tests, IPAs and APIs, as well as the blue whales. He believes that every project can benefit a lot from continuous deployment, containerisation and (fault-)tolerance.

Create a Recommendation Microservice with Symfony, Neo4j and Reco4PHP

Graph Databases are naturally well-suited for building recommendation engines. In this talk, Christophe will share his experience building a number of production-ready recommendation engines using Neo4j and introduce the
open-source GraphAware Reco4PHP Library, which enables PHP developers to rapidly build their own recommendation systems.

This presentation starts by a brief explanation of why graphs are a suitable data model for building recommendation systems. A summary of typical recommendation engine requirements follows, including the business and technical challenges these requirements introduce.

What follows is a demonstration of how this open-source recommendation engine skeleton solves many of the issues and how it handles the "plumbing", so that developers can focus on expressing the business logic specific to their domain. We will then see how this can be used in a Micro Edition of Symfony in order to isolate your recommendation as a microservice.

A majority of examples in this talk are drawn from real-world use cases and the speaker's personal experience building recommendation engines. Attendees should have a very basic understanding of graph theory. Prior experience with Neo4j and the Cypher query language is a plus, but not necessary.

Christophe ( is a Senior Consultant at GraphAware, helping customers all around the world being successful with the Neo4j Graph Database. He's the main author of LuneticsLocaleBundle and many libraries for Neo4j like the php driver, Graphgen or Reco4PHP. He is currently passionate about Algorithms and the combination of ElasticSearch and Neo4j for delivering powerful personalized Search engines. He is fluent in French, Dutch, English, PHP and Java.

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