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IT One On One - Entrance to The IT World

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 IT One On One - Entrance to The IT World


Hello from Symphony Belgrade! πŸ‘‹ We're really excited to share something new with you. We're organizing our first Women's Week, a three-day event dedicated to all amazing things & initiatives women from Symphony are working on! πŸ™Œ And, of course, we're so proud to support them in their aspirations!

Join our Tamara Koncar, Slavica Pepic, Ivana Rusic & Danijela Nestorovic for an interesting event where they'll share proper tips and advice for newcomers to the IT world. We're excited to see the IT industry grow in Belgrade and Serbia, so this event seems like a perfect way to help new faces succeed.

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Symphony Belgrade Meetup
Symphony Belgrade Meetup
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Bulevar Vojvode Putnika 34 Β· Beograd