Build a JavaScript Game with PixiJS - Women in Coding


This is a four-part series held on April 18th, 20th, 25th & 27th. Computer programming is neat, but what can you actually do with it today? Drawing an interactive 2D game is a good way to see understandable and interesting results, and these days it's easier than ever. We'll use PixiJS to build a complete engine for a 2D platformer game, along the way learning programming concepts.

Class Breakdown:

Session 1: Drawing on the canvas and handling input controls
Session 2: Managing the game state and building levels
Session 3: Hazards, points, and "AI"
Session 4: Polish and adding fun stuff


If you have been to one of our previous Javascript classes or know some basics and want to build something fun, this class is for you. We will utilize Github in this class so it will be helpful (not required) if you attend our Github class, that way you can practice what you learn!

About your teacher:

This class will be taught by Gus Cost, a software engineer at Density. Gus is a graduate of RIT, but not in computer science. He has experience with C, Python, and Javascript.

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