Intro to ReactJS - Women in Coding


Do you want to learn how to create applications on the web? There are a ton of opinions out there these days, and it's often hard to tell where to begin. We'll cut through the noise and get you up and running with one of the most popular web application frameworks out there today, Facebook's ReactJS. This is a two-part class taking place on Tuesday, May 23rd and Thursday, May 25th.

ReactJS is a JavaScript library that allows you to manage the inherent complexity of application development on the web, by breaking down your user interface into components that are easy to reason about.

In this two-part class, we'll dive into the anatomy of a React component, and show how components can be leveraged to solve many different types of user interface challenges. Then we'll work through how components can be naturally composed together to create a dynamic, interactive application. And we promise... we won't be talking about todo lists! Along the way, we'll touch on best practices, how to debug and get un-stuck, and where to find good information if you want to continue learning after this class.


To get the most out of these classes, you should have a working knowledge of HTML and some familiarity with JavaScript.


- Bring a laptop with you so you can code along with us

- Install Google Chrome (Chromium is fine if you are on Linux)


- Charissa Lawrence is a recently reinvented developer, after being out of the industry for about 10 years. She currently works at Density as a Python/Django software engineer and has Rails, C++, HTML, and PostScript background. She is very new to the React/Javascript world… "this will be a learning experience for me as well!".

- John Shanley is a self-taught developer and former freelancer, currently working as a software engineer at Density and using ReactJS daily at work and for fun.