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What we’re about

The world of work is moving from slow and long-cycles to one of dynamic change in the complex and chaotic. Our goal is to help you evolve your thinking by exposing you to different perspectives that help you in such a fast-changing environment. The study of complexity helps us to be open to new perspectives, consider non-linear non-causal relationships, and encourages an experimental/emergence mindset.
This group started a few years ago as the Systems Thinking Toronto meetup group and we have grown to a global community with a North American focus. We are now pleased to expand the scope of this group to:
• Complex Adaptive Systems and the Cynefin Framework
• Lean and other principle-driven change
• Knowledge Management, and Agile / Adaptive
• Design, Language, Esthetics, and Semiotics
• Systems Thinking methods and practices
• Latest advances in sense-making, anthro-complexity, and complexity thinking.
We hope to have a variety of events to cater to various needs - deep collaborative "Thinking Dialogues" on human intelligence topics, top-of-the-line presenters, book clubs and book reviews, mentoring opportunities, local in-person events in Toronto and other locations (as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic) amongst others.
If you work in organizational design, organizational transformation, agile transformation, DevOps transformation, learning organizations, the modern knowledge economy, or are just interested in how you can better understand complexity, join us!
All participants are invited to engage actively in the conversation – whether to share experiences, insights, or thought-provoking questions. Everyone is welcome - No prior knowledge of the field is necessary but an open mind, Zoom video participation, and active debate/dialogue would be a requirement.
A note to us all of our adherence to a code of conduct for all events. In short, be respectful of one another!

To understand excellence you may want to read our code of conduct for events. This is designed to make sure everyone feels safe and has a harassment-free experience.