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What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Really what this means is: put things on the internet up to the things which are not yet on the internet. It's using tiny computers on every day things to talk to the, "big computers," in the cloud, doing some math, and coming up with good results. But more than that, it's new businesses which use the the changing electronics technologies which are getting easier to use day by day, prototyping and software tools to quickly forward to create a better world. It's the stuff that will allow all industries to make better use of technology - to help medical patients to live better lives, help make factories better and more efficient, reduce hunger in the developing world, save energy, as well as enable renewable energy and pollution reduction. Today, you say, "woah!" when you hear about a company that doesn't have a website or doesn't use cell phones. In the future, you will say, "woah!" when you hear about companies who still don't use connected devices, have 3D printers, or know the value of their data.

We are here to discuss these changes, as a group, and explore new opportunities for collaborative change.

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China International Internet of Things Expedition

Shenzhen Convention Center

AngelHack’s 10th Global Series in Shenzhen

TechTemple Shenzhen

IoTHack Day - October 2016

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