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Beginner's Tai Chi
Download our instructional videos at: This is our Introductory Tai Chi class that is open to all students. Small classes allow for individualized instruction so that you may begin at any time without worry of “being behind” other students. Our individualized teaching method allows each student to concentrate on the particular aspects that are important to them (balance, breathing, relaxation and stress reduction, meditation, philosophy, conditioning, self defense, etc.) You will establish a solid foundation in Tai Chi principles to improve your physical and mental health, making Tai Chi an ideal life long practice. Each class begins with a brief meditation to help you focus internally, begin the process of releasing stress, and become more aware of your movements. Thereafter, we continue with our First Form (Wu Chi Tai Chi Form), a simple 10 movement sequence created by Master Domingo Colon to introduce you to the flowing feel of Tai Chi movements and to begin the study of the fundamental principles and concepts of Tai Chi. Then you will continue with your individualized instruction where we will answer your questions and offer detailed instruction in how to perform Tai Chi to obtain the maximum benefits. The class concludes with a brief meditation to help you carry the feeling of relaxation and peace into your everyday life. Because of our individualized instruction method, you may switch class days and times if necessary (as long as you attend a “Fundamental Forms” class). This gives you flexibility in scheduling your classes. For those interested, Private Lessons with Master Colon are also available. Our current Schedule of Fundamental Forms class is: Tuesday 6:00 pm and 6:45 pm Wednesday Noon Thursday Noon Friday 11 am Saturday 8:45 am We also offer several more advanced classes for experienced Tai Chi students, please visit our website: ( for complete details. I encourage you to come in and take a Free Trial Class to begin your Tai Chi experience. We offer a Special Rate for Meetup members of $20 per class and you may pay as you go. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. I look forward to meeting you all soon!

Tai Chi School of Westchester, est. 1978

101 Pondfield Road West, 2nd Floor · Bronxville, NY

What we're about

To improve our mental, physical, and spiritual health, we practice the art of Tai Chi.

Beginners and experienced practitioners are welcome. We invite you to join us to experience the amazing benefits of Tai Chi easily and safely.

All instruction is under Master Colon’s direct supervision with the assistance of a highly trained and experienced staff of Certified Tai Chi Instructors with extensive teaching backgrounds.

All classes are kept to a maximum of 8 students which provides an excellent student/teacher ratio and allows for individualized instruction which is our preferred teaching method.

Special one day workshops are scheduled periodically

Our school offers a full curriculum of Tai Chi classes for health and self defense, including an extensive formal Apprentice Teacher Training Program.

Most other Tai Chi classes are large groups that are taught under the "copy me" method with only a brief demonstration by the instructor and very little, if any, detail provided about the movements, benefits, cautions, etc.

We will not only give you detailed instructions to allow you to perform the movements easily, accurately and safely, but also the reasons why you should do the exercises the way we teach them. The traditional background to the movements, breathing techniques, chi energy theory, philosophy and much more information is given so that you will really feel the flowing grace and control of Tai Chi while achieving Tai Chi’s full benefits.

Master Domingo Colon began his study of Tai Chi in 1965.

Master Colon also studied physical therapy, working primarily in sports medicine, and in 1992 was certified as an Adaptive Fitness Instructor trained to teach aerobic, strength and flexibility exercises to the physically challenged.

This unique and extensive background in Tai Chi and physical therapy allows Master Colon to teach a highly effective and safe synthesis of Eastern and Western healing methods.

Master Colon is the author of “Seniors Tai Chi Workout” and “Teaching Tai Chi to Special Populations” designed to assist Tai Chi teachers in adapting Tai Chi for specific health conditions and circumstances.


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