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What we’re about

Are you looking to get fit? Do you want to lose weight and become healthier and more active? Now you can do all these with a social element? <br>

This MeetUp is open for everyone who wants to burn fat and get fit! If you like to workout, and meet friends who enjoy the same in a fun social group environment at a good venue then you're in the right place. <br>

** It is very important that we DO NOT sell and/or solicit any personal training exercise. The MeetUp focuses on building connections through face-to-face Meetups with the members in this group, alone with our Club's regular members from all over. **

Our fitness concept focus completely on your health results. That is why we offer a delicious energy-replenish shake after workout classes. It is NT250 per person, with the class and the shake.  For our first-time friends in meetup, it is free.

There are different fitness classes every night from Monday to Friday:

Monday: Group Running.

Tuesday: Yoga.

Wednesday: : Core muscle exercise and foundation training.

Thursday. Group Jogging

Friday: Easy Fun Run.





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