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Push Hands (推手)
Contact us for a $10 intro:[masked]. Note, member rate half of drop in fee. Class may extend to 7:00 if 8 participants or so. Come practice Taiji Push Hands. Pairing up and practicing with one another Taiji contact skills. Instruction and guidelines for real time partner training in patterns, principles and sensitivity training, and fixed and moving step play. We will study and practice push hands for physical conditioning and also do a variety of foundational exercises in this ongoing cooperative endeavor. Classes led by Inoshi, and under the guidance of experienced members you learn about and hone the art of push hands. Beginners, and those experienced in any style of internal or external martial art, body-mind practice, and physical culture are welcome. Come and practice friendly, fun Push Hands, also known as Tui Shou (推手). 4th Floor Footwear policy: Please make sure bring a pair of cotton or leather soled shoes (Taiji slippers fine). Socks or bare feet fine too. No rubber soled shoes of any kind allowed (even kung fu shoes, etc.). Class concludes at 6:30 pm. If visiting from afar, out of town, or a long time community friend that we have not seen in awhile, it helps us plan if you contact us advance before dropping by. It is of great value to know form in order to progress in push hands and usually a qualified practitioner is on hand to introduce Yang form to beginners who request it. Yang form classes are privately and regularly offered on our schedule as well. Our foundation is Yang Family / Style Taiji, and a few stylists from other lines can sometimes be found in attendance. We meet weekly except for some major holidays and a Summer and New Year's break.

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Meet and join us to practice friendly Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan). Take classes in moving Form, Push Hands, Qigong, Meditation and I-Ching (Book of Changes). Our primary studios are in midtown Manhattan.

We strive to cultivate a fun learning atmosphere, and a few events are conducted in an informal setting. All are welcome, from absolute beginners to any body-mind / martial arts people.

Please call or message us to arrange an intro session and to learn about our programs: 646-801-9218. Note: our regular classes are not free. Not all classes are listed, to reduce Meetup email.

Classes are led by longtime practitioner and our principle instructor, Inoshi. On occasion other teachers may instruct in these arts as well. Dress comfortably in clothes which you can move freely in. Street clothes are fine (changing areas available). Please see specific class descriptions for more detail, especially on footwear.

Our foundation is Yang Family / Style Taiji, yet includes practice from other families. We meet weekly with the exception of a possible Summer break, a Winter break and few major holidays.

Note: Taiji oft appears rendered Tai Chi. Qigong as Chi Kung, and Push Hands is known as Tui Shou.

Our root org is EastWest Works ( For wider interests see EastWest's Meetup portal too: .

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