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PRACTICE CAMPING WITH DOGS at Babler - Camping for Dummies 101

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PRACTICE CAMPING WITH DOGS at Babler - Camping for Dummies 101


We're going on a big doggie campout/float trip in mid July and most of us have absolutely no idea how to do it. So, let's practice close to home. One night at Babler, bring the dogs. Spouses/significant others welcome.

We might do a night hike, but it's the days are very long, so it might be still daylight. Or, we might just drink and get rowdy.

Party will be at site #18, starting whenever you get there. Potluck dinner at about 6:00. Gates close at 9:00, I think, if you're not camping you'll have to be out by then.

Start reserving spots. Here's the link for campground. Comment below when you have a spot, and if you will have tent/camper, dog, spouse, friend, etc.

We'll only camp for one night, maybe get 2 hikes in. We will do a pot luck dinner, set up and take down our tents, and maybe figure out what other "stuff" we need before we do 3 days away from home. We'll see how our dogs do, many have never camped before.

Dogs must be leashed or crated. Bring water and food for them. Also, ticks will be out, so keep current on that FRONTLINE.

It should be a lot of fun, with a few disasters thrown in for the amusement of the rest of our group. We beginners will be happy to provide stupidity for the others to laugh at.

Don't just RSVP and then do nothing. You will need to reserve and pay a nominal fee for a campsite. Your RSVP gets you nothing, without a campsite. My campsite, electric and water, was just over $30 for one night. We can put 2 tents/campers there and up to 6 people. So it's pretty cheap.


Use meetup mapping or GPS to get to Babler State Park. After entering the park....come in about 1/2 mile to where the road forks. You will see the big statue on the right. Turn left into the campground.

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