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What we’re about

Want to share and learn from other co-founder and change maker in order to overcome the challenges faced and accelerate the process? This group believes in building a sharing and peer mentoring eco-system. Everyone is committed in making Taiwan a better place through solving a "painful" problem by launching whether it is a project/startup/cause.
這個聚會的目的是希望能「透過新創伙伴及創新者一起來分享和互相學習中」的過程互相協助加速自己的創新過程。透過在台灣不同城市以當地的發起來以草根型方式來發起的活動,更具有能協助台灣新創的生態圈。 希望透過解決台灣生活中的不變或問題,能讓大家都能讓台灣成為更好的地方。