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What we’re about

Under re-organization as of 5/13/2022. Stay tuned for more details.
--New Members-Read all the way through for important details and player information. You are responsible for knowing this information upon joining. 10 min. read


Ain't no party like a bid whist party! 
Welcome to Chicagoland's citywide bid whist meetup & social club.
We are the largest club in Chicago and we give you an experience. This is the grown up's table.

We are a "Grown 'n Sexy" bid whist club comprised of Chicago black and urban professionals (and any other) who want to play, relax, enjoy and make friendships in a safe and fun environment.  We are inclusive, serious, fun and no bullshit.
Looking for fun and social networking for the grown-up (read: 35+ crowd)? Yep. You've found it.
We are Chicago's hidden gem. You can kiss the other Meetups good-bye. (Yes, we know you've joined 100+).
We socialize and host monthly events (sometimes more), annual tournaments, and impromptu get-togethers from silly to serious to sexy just to keep it fun!

Our Lovely Members


[*]If you're a Chicago black professional looking for SOMETHING to do, but want to avoid the too-young club scene, inactive Meetups/Meetups that cater to kids, or partying with your grandkids, this group is for you.

[*] Competitive tournament players are welcome & encouraged!

[*] New players and inexperienced players are welcome. We teach on the table. A "Bid Buddy" or more experienced player will get you straight. You will enjoy getting beat your first few hands, then progress from there. This is an initiation into Whistology. You will know how to hold your hand by the end of your first night.

[*] Social/fun/non-competitive players are welcome. We always have members who play just for fun. We will motivate you to play at competition-level or leave you be to play with members of your own style and ability. Become a TNP shark when you're ready......on your terms!


[*]non-Bid whist players: Welcome! Those who like the relaxed atmosphere of a bid whist set, remember the nostalgia of watching your parents/uncles & aunts play or enjoy the company of adults 35+, we plan evenings out (music, concerts, jazz), steppin' and line dancing sets, upcoming day trips and themed cruises (for ex. Soul Train cruise-January, Cincinnati Music Fest-May).

[*]Normally events will be hosted at a member's home, a good venue, or a private room, but will always include food, drinks, and lots of smack talk!

NOTE: I am very big on us making friends, healthy competition and developing lifelong friendships. This is your crowd. You are welcome to let your hair down, release your troubles and jump right into the mix. I focus very much on atmosphere, comfort, relaxation and entertaining. For 4 hours, forget everything!


Nights Out
[*]Each event is a welcome relief from the work week. You now are entering a chill zone.............forget work/bills/kids and ____________ (fill in the blank) .
[*]Expect to spend about $20 per night out.
[*]We use Groupon whenever available.
[*]House parties are BYOB & bring a potluck dish to share to accommodate 10.

[*] If you host card games, have a charity event of your own, know of an event we should attend or want to act as Guest Host for the night, let Organizer Missy know. I'll designate you an Event Organizer, help you and you'll have the floor. (I'll also oversee and run interference.)


Membership Fees
We charge membership dues. This is to keep the club running and exclusive. You have a right to know where your money is going and how we use it. Anytime you have questions, ask the Organizer.
[*]Meetup charges the group a fee, rain or shine. Dues are $35/year to cover this and also go toward:  Member perks a.k.a. "Bid Bucks", delightful surprises, supplies (playing cards),  event planning, venue deposits, Birthday Club, real and novelty prizes for tournaments, personalized gifts, Annual awards show (Best Dressed, Most Active, Player of the Year, etc.) and any other things I think of.

[*]Member suggestions and new ideas are always welcome. If you know of a better club or location for us to play in, have a trip idea, give us something inspirational or have a different way to do things ........we are all ears. The group evolves to accommodate the needs of its members.

If you've never played, you're welcome to come and learn in our shark infested waters. Travel at your own risk & we look forward to meeting you.


Short Term/One Time Event Volunteers are Welcome and get the Royal Treatment from Missy
Share your talent for having fun on a short term basis to make running the club that much smoother. Volunteer for:
• clean up or set up. Make sure paper is picked up and tables are neat once per hour. Garbage put out.

• Guest Host/ House Party: Host when you have the time in your home or a safe place you're well connected to. (I will give you the set-up on how we run things and oversee the event.) We give awards out for best Guest Host annually.
•  act as informal location scout for upscale clubs and places to play, Suburbs & West particularly.

• ad hoc/general admin as needed, LIKE event-only membership intake (30 min), Birthday club-getting cake & balloons (1 hr), thoughtful member surprises (pick items up), member appreciation gift ideas (think!), Xmas Party set-up (1 hr), little niceties that you yourself would like to see us provide.
• Most things are *****as needed* at the event: Clean up, set up, throw out garbage, pack up food.  Let Missy know at the set. I'll let you know what's needed and expected time commitment. Usually 10 min per hour.

• Example: Spend 1 hr hosting at the event [meet & greet new members (like Walmart Greeters), direct them to tables, answer club FAQs, see them out]. The rest of the set, you can play and relax. 
• As you think of ideas, feel free to let the Organizer know........Tell us the "little things" that will make the group better, more together and more inviting for people like you!

New Members


You MUST attend 2+ public sets before you are allowed to attend private house parties. This is for your safety and ours. The Organizer must have your full name, contact information and address and know you personally. We also verify information through Google and Mapquest. Your privacy will be respected and your information will never be given out. We practice safety and common sense over cards.



Other than being the right age, keep it respectful & classy. We have fun, trash talk & enjoy competition at the highest levels, but always in a way that uplifts and respects. When in doubt, ask the Organizer. Members who can't follow the rules will be removed. And we're just not going to argue about it.
Welcome to the Club. This is your Chicago Meetup for Grown Ups.


Missy, Organizer Set runner for 7 years & Chicago Take no Prisoners Bid Whist Meetup Organizer