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As parents today, we don't have to worry about the lack of information and resources to guide us on this journey. Instead, we are struggling with information overload!

We are bombarded with tricks, tips, hacks, and parental advice from all different directions. You ask 10 different people for their advice . . . you get 10 different responses.

It's overwhelming!
It almost makes you dizzy.

And with all the noise out there, it's becoming harder and harder to PAUSE, to listen to YOURSELF, and to TRUST your own instincts.

Over the last few years, I have personally devoured dozens of parenting books, blogs, articles, and listened to countless hours of podcasts and audiobooks. Don't even ask me what's on my nightstand, or how many links I have saved on Facebook. I honestly lost count.

However, there was one book that really resonated with me.

It inspired me as a parent.
It empowered me as a mother.
And it excited me so much that I wanted to experience reading the book in a group setting. (Hence the launching of this Meetup group.)

Before I finished reading the book for the first time, I recall myself dreaming up ways to get local parents together to read, discuss, and open our eyes to connecting with our children . . . authentically.

Little did I know, that the authors compiled a kit for enthusiastic parents, like me, to facilitate workshops based off of the book. Hooray! All of the hard work was done for me!

My next hurdle to cross was more of a mental hurdle.

Who am I to lead a parenting workshop? I'm not qualified. I'll never be good enough. I'm going to fail. Why bother? Etc . . . (You know that voice in our heads . . . the one that never shuts up and tries to hold you back from growing and evolving. Yeah, that one. I've finally learned how to MUTE it.)

...on the same path as you.
...together with you on this journey.
...continuously learning from my mistake.

...a parenting guru.
...here to tell you what to do.
...perfect. No way, José.

...to connect with curious open minds.
...to learn from you, and with you.
...to share my passion for this book.

You already know what book I'm referring to, because of our group name.

But what you might not know is that book, published in 1980 is an International bestseller and has bee translated in over 30 languages.

This book is not a fad. It has withstood the test of time . . . for good reason. The simple wisdom and approaches to communication this book has to offer are not only applicable to how we parents engage with our child, but also with how we engage with one other . . . and with ourselves.


Kudos to Meetup.com!

My love affair with Meetup began two years ago when I launched a little cookbook club. Since then, my life has never been the same.

Through this website, I have come to meet some of the most delightful people that have become like family to me. In launching THIS new group, I'm filled with eager anticipation knowing that I'll get to meet even more wonderful folks, like you.

If you feel, deep down in your heart that this type of group and workshop is right for you, I invite you to join me.

The plan is to host a variety of workshops at different locations in the North Shore and Boston area. Some workshops will be an intensive 1-day course, while others will be spread across 3-5 weeks.

Interested in Attending? Cool!

Here's What You Get When You Sign Up:

• Your very own copy of "How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk".

• A booklet for you to write notes in and refer back to, again and again.

• Binder—my personal contribution—to house course materials, post-it notes, and printouts of my favorite articles (in case you'd like some further reading) and book recommendations.

• *Bonus* custom designed posters filled with quotes from the book. Use them as a reference or as a friendly reminder. Hang them wherever you want, and refer to them as you need. (In a previous life, I was a graphic designer, so I'm going to have fun with these).

Thank you for reading my epic group description, and for being here. We are in this together.


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