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What we’re about

The 20s and 30s are the best years of your life, or so the Boomers tell me. "That's why we pay you less money..." Hooray.

Well, at least there's one good thing about it — you get to join this group and partake in its youthful awesomeness. The 20s and 30s aren't just a route to subsidizing other people's insurance. They're an attitude and a lifestyle where you can be out at crazy hours of the night, declare older people's sacred cows passé, and fool ridiculous teenagers into walking off a cliff just to copy you. And joy of joys, you get to join people in this lifestyle, an association that's just plain better because — um... we say so?

This group isn't about any really specific interests like reenacting the Civil War or shaping celebrity heads out of potatoes. It's just about knowing people, and we'll do what the people who join want to do. I like having a variety of events, because it lets people really know each other and offers the chance for new experiences.

I'm okay with pre-20s college students, but beware that there could be a lot of bar and club events. Restaurant and concert events should also be typical, but any type of event is fair game as long as it gives people a chance to be social.

I'd strongly prefer if you have a photo, but relax. It's no beauty contest — just practical, for spotting you at an event. Getting approved is just about being in the age range.

You can't look through all the group's information because it's private to protect members' information. However, we do have more information if you click on the Pages button in the red menu at the top.