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What we’re about

Are you searching for meaning in your life?

Have you ever felt happiness in your life... ...never lasts?

This Buddhist group has a great positive, multi-cultural atmosphere that helps people search for the answer to life's biggest questions.

Through the teachings of Buddha and historical Buddhist teachers we understand better the direction our life needs to take in order to find the purpose of life.

We offer video lectures and have meetings to discuss how to obtain an absolute form of happiness.

I hope you'll stop by and attend a meeting when you have a chance!

The purpose of life is to attain it as quickly as possible while still alive.

Learn more at our meetups and check out some of our topics:

1. What is preached in the Complete Sutras?

-Master Shinran, foundation of Buddhism-

2. What produce and change our destiny?

-What is Karma-

3. What are good deeds taught in Buddhism

-Of six paramitas, what is the best deed in Buddhism -

4. how to obtain happiness?

-The conclusion of the law of cause and effect -

5. What will become after the death?

-the truth taught in The Cause and Effect sutra -

6. what is the reason that we cannot truly understand each other

-six worlds, Karma-

7. How to remove hatred and jealousy ?

-The mind who do not know the law of cause and effect -

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