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What we’re about

Artificial Intelligence is having a “moment” right now, and Tampa Bay Artificial Intelligence Meetup’s goal is to prepare Tampa Bay’s tech and tech-adjacent professionals for this moment.

Our primary goal is to learn about the practical use and development of AI applications — that’s right, we’ll spend a lot of time getting our hands dirty either using AI tools or coding AI applications! Many of our sessions will be “do it along with the presenter” exercises, where we’ll work as a group learning how to use or implement something AI-related.

We’ll also have sessions where we’ll learn about AI in all its forms, discuss its promises and pitfalls, and share ideas, but these sessions will stay focused on how you can put this knowledge to practical use.

This meetup is open to everyone interested in artificial intelligence and related fields (including data science, machine learning, robotics, sensors, IoT). If you want to learn about AI and put it to good use or build your own AI-based applications, this meetup is for you!