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What we’re about

MUST RSVP - SPACE IS LIMITED. You + Guest(s) must RSVP. (Please cancel your RSVP if you are not able to attend.)

We begin at 7 PM. Please arrive a few minutes early as a courtesy to all singers/players to allow time for greetings, set up & tuning and prevent any awkward disruption of a late arrival during our play.

We meet inside. Beer! Drinks! Food!

To join us, you should:

1) Have a guitar and capo, or other acceptable instrument

2) Be open to most kinds of music (but no classical or rap

3) Bring 11 copies of lyrics/chords for songs you want to play - I have handouts of 25 popular songs you can also use

4) Be able to play basic chords, e.g. A, Am, C, D, E, Em F, G5) Show appreciation and encouragement for others' efforts

We take turns leading songs, but we are a No-Pressure Meet-Up, and you can Play or Pass on your turn. No one expects perfection, so do your songs your way and no need to sound like any recording – just have fun with it !

 The goal of this Meetup is to be a place where you can:

1) Play and sing with other guitarists and musicians

2) Share songs you like, or wrote, and show us how to play

3) Learn new songs and expand your repertoire

4) Offer playing tips to others, and learn new tips

5) Appreciate and encourage fellow players

6) Gain confidence in your playing/singing

Waiver and Release of Liability

All club members, by virtue of their request to join and participate in any activity (in person or online) of the venue management and the Meetup organizer, including related meetings and all other activities, acknowledge and agree to release the venue management and the Meetup organizer from any and all liability whatsoever, and further covenants and agrees that the club member shall not hold said organization, or any of its officers or members liable (solely, jointly, or severally), for any injury or damage whatsoever incurred directly or indirectly during their voluntary participation in any event organized or hosted by the club, nor the premises in which the event occurs.