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Bitcoin Only - Bitcoin Workshop

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Ben S. and Tampa B.
Bitcoin Only - Bitcoin Workshop


Welcome to the Bitcoin Bay workshop meetup! This month we will be discussing what Bitcoin mining is, why it's important, and how you can get involved.

This monthly in-person meetup is your opportunity to bring your problems to us! Have you been putting off getting your coin of an exchange? Confused about setting up wallets, vpn, etc? We'll walk you through whatever issues you're having.

Come have a drink and talk ₿itcoin with your Tampa neighbors. We are building a space for fostering connections, idea development, and most importantly creating a strong sense of community from which we may all draw support. Bitcoin is for everyone and together we will orange pill our beautiful city, ₿itcoin ₿ay.

We intend to grow along side our community, so with that in mind, come help us grow. Bring your ideas, bring your passions, and together we'll build the future we all know is possible through Bitcoin.

If it's your first time here, no previous knowledge required. Have fun, relax, meet others and support the local ₿itcoin ₿ay.

Tampa Bay Bitcoin
Tampa Bay Bitcoin
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4007 N Taliaferro Ave · Tampa, FL