Run Python Code in a Serverless Setting with Azure Functions


If you've ever wanted to deploy your Python code to the web for mass consumption as an API, you probably have had to setup a bunch of infrastructure on the backend to do so. Well with Azure Functions support for Python, that is no longer necessary. In this talk, we will discuss and setup a demo for creating a simple web app built with Azure Functions support for Python.

About the Speaker:
Ahmed Sherif is a passionate Data Scientist and Author.

He is currently a Sr. Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft and architects Machine Learning and AI solution for customers on-premise as well as on Azure. He has expertise in architecting Big Data solutions with NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and CosmosDB, as well as with distributed computing platforms such as Apache Spark.

He has programming knowledge in Python, R, JavaScript, and SQL.
In 2016, Ahmed published his 1st book, Practical Business Intelligence and in 2018 he published his 2nd book, Apache Spark Deep Learning Cookbook.

Ahmed often blogs about topics that are near and dear to his heart at