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Take Me Out to the Rays Game!

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By the benevolence of the Major League Baseball scheduling gods, the Rays finally have a home game on September 12th this year. (2002 was the last time.)

So we're going to 9/12 the Rays on 9/12!

I plan on catching a Longoria home run ball, so we'll be doing outfield seats. Plus, they're only $16 each. (Yea, they raise the prices for these "premium" games, those greedy Capitalists.) No refunds can be made, so your financial commitment is final! But if you can't make the game, just send along someone else to use your ticket. (Please- No Occupiers or any of those other, "I only bathe once a week" folks.)

Make your payment of $16 per ticket with the PayPal link above and then be sure to RSVP here so we know who gets how many tickets when September rolls around.

The Rays don't offer their bus pick-up service for Red Sox or Yankee games, but we'll check on alternatives so maybe we won't all have to drive. (Too bad there's not a slick light-rail system we could take! [read with sarcasm and cynicism] We'll also check with Karen- Perhaps she can hot-wire a HART bus for us to borrow.)

So come on out to the ballgame! Let's take one evening away from the headlines and enjoy the American Pastime.

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