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Needs a location


Hello everyone! I'm looking for players for a new D&D 5e campaign.
I am in Port Richey. We can game at my condo's clubhouse or at Gamer's Guild 52. PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP at the date and time listed on this meetup. I will not be there. This is to gauge interest and find players.
I don't have a set day yet, but it cannot be Friday or Saturday, sorry.
I don't have a set campaign yet. Once I have players, I'll see what we all want to play. I'm leaning towards a steam-cyber-punk swashbuckling spelljammer-like setting, but its just a weird thought. I'm also totally cool with running an official Adventurer's League, if you all want.
Text me at[masked] if you are comfortable, otherwise message me on here, but my phone won't give me message notifications so if I don't respond for a while know that I'm not ignoring you lol.