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What we’re about

TANTRA, 'TANTRA TEACHER, Love & Intimacy Coach, Phoenix, Az. 
A Community of Sensual Spirits!

This group is now only open to 'Serious Tantra Students', who actually plan on attending the classes and workshops. If you are applying for casual, social reasons, This Group is not for you. Meetup has gotten far too casual. This does not serve the Organizer or the members. There are plenty of other social groups for you.

Sacred Sexuality. Come gather with us, and experience light heartedness, joy and true love!
The Divine is Alive in each one of us.!!!!

Be your own best Lover.
This practice really does move you into a state of Full Body
Awakening, aliveness and joy!!!

There is no nudity in this group, only the possibility of Seeing
Yourself in an amazing new way; as a true gift of love.
We are a community of beautiful people who seek to fully understand all aspects of our sexuality. It is important to integrate and learn to love this aspect of our being, as we present as sexual being first. 

There is no sexual touch. . As a participant you have absolute free will to participate in a segment or say no.


This group is open to couples and singles 18 yr. of age or older.
In order to become a member:
*Answer the questions and you will be considered for
* Indicate your first name. Pen names are not accepted.

You have a sincere interest in learning tantra. And plan on attending the classes and workshops.
* You understand and respect and abide by all registration deadlines for all gatherings, workshops and private sessions. A lot of work goes into class and workshop preparation. Events are not just 'Casual Attendance.'
We discourage 'no shows'. Two 'no shows' or more could result in being removed from the group. If your plans change we ask that you let the organizer know and change your RSVP accordingly. 

This group is for you:
*If you have a desire to understand your own sexuality and the power
of it's potential.
*If you are loving, open hearted and authentic.
*If you are willing to open to the sharing of all aspects of your true
self to the best of your ability, in a humble, supportive, and safe

* All workshops listed on the web site, are available privately
* Love & Intimacy Coaching for Singles and Couples
* Tantric Readings
* The Tantric Healing Program is also available for anyone !!!
* Tantric Breath Work Coaching
Please see more information & to schedule an appointment at my web site,

Blessing Your Path of Love!
Organizer &
Tantra Facilitator VISIT THE SITE!

VIEW A SPECIAL TANTRA VIDEO! ‘The Tantric Gateways’ An Interview with Shastra! See the 'Home Page at And Wild Side Interview with Shastra

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