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Tantra 101-102 VIP DAY: The Perfect Winter Reboot
REGISTER HERE: Tantra is Everything! In this intensive VIP Day you will learn the ancient secrets of real tantric flow. The word tantra means to weave and in this workshop you will be gifted the tools to weave together all aspects of your life so that you can fully embody self and penetrate your world with passion, confidence and a playful spirit. Tantra[masked] VIP Dayis dedicated to share with you what real tantra is not just give you the sexual hype that western culture has focused in on for its attractiveness. The tantra that his holiness the Dalai Lama practices is focused on expansion through ALL of life. Learning how to live a life of YESinstead of shame, judgement, limiting beliefs and our ego. This means to EMBRACE Your Whole Self, including your sexual self. In this VIP Day you will learn how to: Deepen your mind-body-soul connection Awaken your sexual energy Learn greater ways to deepen your intimacy Ancient tantric secrets that will work no matter your relationship status or gender Effective ways to bond better with your partner Skills to have more confidence, creativity, energy and peace both inside and outside the bedroom BONUS Real Tantra – 11 Video Series Valued at $179 Will you say YES to Life in 2019? Yes to your dreams and passion? Yes to your relationship with self and a lover? *VIP Day Open to all genders, ages, relationship statuses. *This is an educational empowerment workshop *There is no nudity or sexual contact. *Sexual concepts and practices will be discussed in class. *Limited Seating Event – Limited to 24 Participants We will be keeping genders balanced in this workshop. There will be NO at the door tickets. VIP Day Location 8105 Rasor Blvd. (Large Conference Room Down Stairs) Plano, Texas. 75024 REGISTER HERE:


8105 Rasor Blvd · Plano, TX

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Is Tantra for you? Ask yourself if any of these situations are familiar: There is something missing in my life. You feel you have lost your spark or feel that life is too hard. You look around and it seems that other people have a ‘kick- ass’ life. They seem to be “Living Life” and having fun and you wonder how you can experience that yourself. I am unable to connect with anyone. You may be having issues connecting with loved ones, or even knowing how to meet new people. You’d like to just ‘be yourself’ with other people but something holds you back. You may be feeling detachment or even as if no one really “gets” the real you. Sex doesn’t interest me anymore. You can remember when you enjoyed sex, but now it just all seems blah and too much hard work. You long for the days when it was fun and pleasurable, maybe you feel there is something wrong with you. I would like to know how to arouse my partner. It seems that no matter how much you try, your partner is not interested in having sex anymore. You wish you knew how to re-create the initial spark between you. I would like to experience the spiritual aspect of sex. You are longing for deeper, more connected sexual experiences that open you to feeling divinity in yourself and your partner. You currently enjoy sex, and you know there is more to enjoy but you don’t know how to go there. Group open to individuals and couples looking to explore Tantra, tantric spirituality/sex, healing, deepening intimacy, tantric techniques and meeting people of like minds in the DFW area.

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