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Is Tantra for you? Ask yourself if any of these situations are familiar: There is something missing in my life. You feel you have lost your spark or feel that life is too hard. You look around and it seems that other people have a ‘kick- ass’ life. They seem to be “Living Life” and having fun and you wonder how you can experience that yourself. I am unable to connect with anyone. You may be having issues connecting with loved ones, or even knowing how to meet new people. You’d like to just ‘be yourself’ with other people but something holds you back. You may be feeling detachment or even as if no one really “gets” the real you. Sex doesn’t interest me anymore. You can remember when you enjoyed sex, but now it just all seems blah and too much hard work. You long for the days when it was fun and pleasurable, maybe you feel there is something wrong with you. I would like to know how to arouse my partner. It seems that no matter how much you try, your partner is not interested in having sex anymore. You wish you knew how to re-create the initial spark between you. I would like to experience the spiritual aspect of sex. You are longing for deeper, more connected sexual experiences that open you to feeling divinity in yourself and your partner. You currently enjoy sex, and you know there is more to enjoy but you don’t know how to go there. Group open to individuals and couples looking to explore Tantra, tantric spirituality/sex, healing, deepening intimacy, tantric techniques and meeting people of like minds in the DFW area.

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Tantric Integration Puja- Body Talk


We often go at our healing from a head brain perspective and although we might bring in a few embodiment practices… we still end up missing the mark! Never truly embodying our growth and knowledge. Never allowing ourselves to gain a truly out of the box perspective and integrating in action! Addison Bell & Kendal Williams want you to know… THERE IS ANOTHER WAY! Now introducing Tantric Integration Puja! Each month we will journey into a new topic in a playful, heart-pounding, exciting new way! A way that will speed up your inner journey by years. A way that will allow you to take every area of your life and expand it exponentially! A way that will release the binds that hold you to your traumas, hold backs, and insecurities. All while being playful, laughing, connecting with others, and yes stepping into a different side of yourself and your perspective! This months workshop BODY TALK will guide you to: * Look at your sexy and beautiful body in a whole new way * Discover where you’re blocks are holding you back in your relationships, career, and abundance! And then move through it using your body * SEE your personal sexual-powers and integrate them in a way that will make you magnetic * Discover a new PASSION to expand out your embodiment! These community pujas are 100% experiential and so YOU will be skyrocketing forward on your journey for the entire group and able to leave with a new outlook. Leaving with a fresh perspective every month! Addison and Kendal have spent decades and over $300,000 gathering these tools that we will be presenting in these monthly events. Tools and a way of healing that is truly priceless and has transformed their lives. Stop waiting and doing the same old thing and expecting different healing results. Join us each month to get playful, to get embodied, to get expanding, and get connected with others of a similar mindset! Tantric Integration Puja – $35/circle Register & Pay Here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=GUKRPCRJPH6UJ

Quantum Field Tantra- Level 1


Pay & Register Below Want to learn how to create some orgasm magic? In this Level 1: Certification Workshop on Quantum Field Tantra get ready to explore and expand your thinking about orgasm. Let expert master teacher, facilitator Kendal Williams walk you down a magical path of Tantric Bodywork. If you have come to any of KW Coaching, LLC. Orgasm Camps over the last decade you most likely witnessed Kendal playing with her live model’s orgasmic energy. You also might recall those “magic” trick she did where she had her model experiencing full body orgasm while not being touched. How is that possible? Join Kendal Williams in this empowering, mind blowing, orgasmic workshop of wonder and see with your very eye’s the magic or Quantum Field Tantra + Learn the foundations of how you can start to master your intrinsic nature as well and explore the quantum world of orgasm. WHAT IS QUANTUM FIELD TANTRA? Quantum Field Tantra provides an opportunity for men and women to integrate and reconnect with their intrinsic nature by experiencing the essential current of their sexual energy throughout their bodies, free from any judgments or expectations. This “energy based” bodywork is designed to expand the amplitude for experiencing increased orgasmic flow and to assist in the eliminating of any prevailing or sexual traumas stored in the body, as well as opening energy pathways that have been hindered potentially since childhood. It facilitates both sexes in reconnecting with their positive pole’s. The heart – for women, The genitals, for men. Check out the video!!!! https://youtu.be/yU4WYL4Am9M Quantum Field Tantra Assists In: SEXUALITY *Removing sexual trauma from the body clearing sexual conditioning’s, including feelings of shame, guilt, old belief systems, etc. *Re-sensitizing the body, including heart area and penis/vagina increasing “staying power” (for men) *Erectile dysfunction (for men) and vaginal numbness (for women) *Premature ejaculation (for men) and frigidity (for women) opening the energy in the body for more intense, full body orgasms *Realigning the man/woman to their masculine/feminine nature becoming a multi-orgasmic man/woman And see a LIVE Demo with Our Model Addison Bell! Make June sizzle! LEARN: *A series of breathing and body awareness techniques to help you focus your quantum energy. *Learn how to amplify your quantum field energy through understanding expanding your chakras, visualiztion and toning. *Learn quantum touch points and how to merge them with healing and orgasmic frequencies. *Learn how to move orgasmic energy from genitals through out entire body. *Learn how to bring down pain and inflammation almost instantaniously. Earn your Level 1: Quantum Field Tantra Certification How much would you be willing to pay to learn these skill’s? Most retreats and workshops of equal education are valued at $695 +per person $159/per student. COVID Special: $99.00/per student *Limited Space – This class will sell out quickly. We are adhering to all health standards for COVID, please feel free to bring mask and your own private water bottle, gloves if desired, etc. Proper spacing will be held within means for room space and student class size is limited to 10 at this time. Training is done in Plano, Texas at Private Home Studio ( Address provided to paid registrants) - all students will receive list of class needed items as well. PAY & REGISTER HERE: https://www.tantrictransformation.com/calendar/level-1-quantum-field-tantra-workshop/

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