• BLOCK PARTY @ Caveat!


    Join scientists and researchers at Caveat for an evening of interactive and hands-on activities to celebrate the end of the festival. Grab a beer and learn with us! PRESENTERS & STATIONS taste of science - flavor tripping! BioBus - "what the @?!# is that?" (A microscopy station) The River Project - Terrapin Station (Live turtles!) KnowScience - Human-human interface Biology on Tap - Owl pellet fun-time Astronomy on Tap - Rocks... FROM SPACE The New York Entomological Society & Dept. of Invertebrate Zoology / AMNH - Is that an ALIVE caterpillar? Also, eat a cricket. 6pm-8pm (drop in anytime!) 21+ FREE with RSVP here (or $5 at the door) --> https://tasteofscience.org/new-york-events/pregame-your-brain-block-party-de2km

  • BiodiverCITY: Our Changing Environment

    Die Stammkneipe/ Der Schwarze Koelner

    How do we change our environment, and how does it change us back? This Earth Week, EcoWomen NYC and 500 Women Scientists are teaming up and exploring how we interact with the world around us in complex and ever-changing ways. We'll hear from three top researchers in New York City as they explain their work on wetland ecosystems, food and oceans, and the connections between biodiversity and disease. 21+ $5 RSVP and buy tix here --> https://tasteofscience.org/new-york-events/dsk19

  • Tasty Microbes

    Ryan's Daughter

    Think microbes just cause disease, spoil food and need to be killed? That's just a small part of the story. Whether it's a healthy gut, bountiful crops or even that cocktail you just ordered at the bar, microbes are a vital part of our everyday lives. Join us to learn more about how microbes are crucial to our world. Doors open 7pm, Event begins 7:30pm 21+ $5 RSVP and buy tix here --> https://tasteofscience.org/new-york-events/festival19-ryans2-36dls-c53l6

  • A Lot on the Mind (w/ braiNY)

    The Way Station

    Join taste of science and braiNY (part of the Greater NYC Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience ) for a night of educational and artistic fun while learning about some of the most misunderstood and stigmatized neurological disorders. Dive into the world of the brain and mental illness. Learn how your brain experiences everyday events and see some art pieces from someone diagnosed with a mental illness and learn her story and strengths. 21+ $5 RSVP and buy tix here --> https://tasteofscience.org/new-york-events/festivall19-brainy (note - this event will most likely start at 8. Come before 8:00 for happy hour drinks if you wish!)

  • A Star is Born...and Exoplanets Too

    The Creek & The Cave

    Does the Sun have a birthday? Can artificial intelligence tell us how the universe came to be? How many planets could there possibly be? Join us for an exploration to the stars and beyond! We'll take a look at the birth and death of stars, far away planets, and how artificial intelligence can help us look at the evolution of the universe! Doors open 7pm, Event begins 7:30pm 21+ $5 RSVP & buy tix here --> https://tasteofscience.org/new-york-events/festival19-creek-36dls-mjxjx

  • A Regular Person's Guide to Cybersecurity

    Ryan's Daughter

    Every year, we get new tech and new gadgets to make our lives easier. With it comes more new passwords to remember and possibly new threats to our privacy. It's easy to lose track of all the information or be overwhelmed with how it might be exposed to unintended uses. In this interactive talk and workshop, cybersecurity expert Allison Bishop will show you some basic math tricks that can help anyone think more systematically about personal cybersecurity and allow you to make more informed decisions around the tradeoffs between your personal security and technological convenience. Doors open 7pm, Event begins 7:30pm 21+ $5 RSVP and buy tix here --> https://tasteofscience.org/new-york-events/festival19-ryans2-36dls

  • Art and Medical Diagnoses (with Know Science)

    Cantina Royal

    Know Science is partnering with taste of science for the 2019 festival: Disease changes lives…and art. For centuries, art and music have reflected not only contemporary cultural and political themes but also the lives of the artists themselves. For example, medical diagnoses have shaped the way artists perceive and interact with the world, and are expressed in their art. This talk explores how a pituitary tumor, REM sleep disturbances, prosopagnosia and syphilis have ultimately had profound impacts on art and music, while explaining the science behind these diagnoses along the way. 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM 21+ $5 RSVP & buy tix here --> https://tasteofscience.org/new-york-events/festival19-knowscience-pyc3d

  • Understanding the Racial Wealth Gap


    How do we collect data about populations using surveys? Have you wondered how social scientists measure wealth? We will explore the challenges in determining wealth among different racial and ethnic groups and how researchers developed a unique data set to capture asset and debt information in major metropolitan areas in the U.S. Our speakers will explore the causes and consequences of persistent racial wealth disparities and policy solutions to the racial wealth gap that are now being included on the policy platforms of major Democratic presidential candidates. 21+ $5 RSVP & Buy tix Here --> https://tasteofscience.org/new-york-events/racialwealthgap

  • CRISPR: Happier, More Productive?

    KGB Bar

    Since its discovery, the CRISPR-Cas9 system has revolutionized our ability to manipulate and change the genome of almost any organism, including humans. CRISPR allows scientists to reach into cells and add or replace genes to an astonishing degree of accuracy with fewer and fewer side-effects. Join us as we speak with two scientists at the forefront of this rapidly developing technology as they help us understand how CRISPR works, what makes it so game-changing, and how the future of medicine could, or should, be changed by it. Doors open at 7pm, Event begins at 7:30pm 21+ $5 RSVP & buy tix here --> https://tasteofscience.org/new-york-events/festival19-crispr

  • Science Fair @ the Bronx Brewery - FREE with RSVP

    The Bronx Brewery

    Join taste of science for a taste of the finest brews the Bx has to offer! We'll be holding an old-school science fair at the Bronx Brewery with a variety of hands on activities. Take a peek into the microscopic realm, try your hand at DNA extraction, experience flavor-tripping... and more! This event is 21+ and FREE with an RSVP here --> https://tasteofscience.org/new-york-events/festival19-bronxbrewery-chhwh