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If you love Tea, this is the place to be. Whether you enjoy black - Assam, Ceylon; Earl Grey; Green - Sencha, genmeicha or gunpowder green tea; White teas; Blends or Herbals (including Rooisbos), we all have one thing in common - Tea. It soothes the soul, helps you think and it's good for you!

Tea is the #2 beverage drunk worldwide, #1 water. Tea Is from the Camellia Seninses leaf. The 5 major world areas that started cultivating Tea according to history are: China, Japan, Taiwan (Formosa), India and Ceylon - known as Sri Lanka. Other world regions are: Brazil, Nepal, South Africa, eastern African countries, Korea, Iran and 2 US plantations.

Take the tea test provided by TeaUSA.org at http://www.teausa.org/general/teatest/teatest9.html

"If everyone drank one cup of tea a day, the world would be a better place."



AATDC is an unpaid volunteer run meetup group. We maintain the group out of friendship and tea. Learning from the past, rules are instilled to protect AATDC, its image, the group, its finances and its (paying) members.


*Organized events negotiated with vendors including: a site visit, individual/group bills, size, price, etc.

*A detailed event information page.

*STI (Specialty Tea Institute) trained, member organizer(s) and board member(s).

*Access to a Message Board to post: Tea shop info, tea/non tea events, tea/non-tea items for sale, recipes, tea book reviews, tea/house reviews, etc…

*AATDC rules/constitution that protects you - the members, the organizer(s), the image of AATDC and it’s finances.

*AATDC’s Board who meets annually gives feedback, suggestions and ideas to improve the image and finances of All About Tea in DC/AATDC.



Most events require Dues Paying members.

Under AATDC, if you have not paid dues -> Subscriber under the “14 day trial” in which you can view our events.

2- 3x / year, events are "Open to All" where you visit an AATDC meetup determining your interest in AATDC. There may be room to bring a friend.

Hotel/restaurant events require a “Dues payment before RSVPing”, stated in the title. NO EXCEPTIONS. AATDC will no longer be responsible for being charged for ‘NoShows.’

AATDC has created rules to protect the group, its viability and its members.



* $10 in person, online WePay price $11.75

(WePay charges AATDC $1.39/membership payment for a processing fee.)

To set up a WePay account and Pay online got to the ‘Pay/Dues’ section on the left hand side, click in and follow the prompts to set up your account.

Once your dues are paid, your membership expiration date will be denoted under the title part of your profile. This helps organizers/host to keep track of paid members. WePay charges about 16% of the fee = the reason IN PERSON dues are different from WE PAY Price.

example: Anjel - 1/18/20



Who is WePay and why is Meetup using them as a payment processor?

“WePay is a company that allows Meetup to take payments on site. WePay also makes it so that you can view and manage transactions within Meetup.”

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