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Many of us here at Children’s Fairyland are also parents, so we get it. Taking care of a young child full-time can be exhausting… and, at times, isolating and lonely. So, for all you Bay Area caretakers of toddlers out there who aren't yet familiar with our park, we've created something new. We invite you and yours to one of our low-key morning get-togethers inside our magical mid-century park in Oakland. It's primarily about making connections with other grown-ups in real life. But, we also offer you and your kids the opportunity to spend the day playing in the fresh air.

And, yes, there will be tea. Or drip coffee, or hot cocoa. Your choice. First one's free.


Did you know? Adults are only allowed through Fairyland's fairy gates with a child, and children are only allowed in with a grownup. Our founders wanted to make Fairyland a safe place for the children in our community to play and learn. Nearly 70 years later, we believe this rule is more important than ever!

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