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Are you looking for a way to become a better photographer or just want to learn about Photography... Do you fit into one of the following categories :

Want to learn photography from the beginning!

Fed-up shooting in Auto Mode, want to shoot Manual...

Want to meet other photographers!

Want to understand how your camera works!

Want to go on some Photo shoots

Need inspiration

Want to help other people become better photographers

Of course you can sit down in front of Youtube for hours on end reviewing famous or not so famous Photographers educational videos. There are so many out there they don't even charge any thing... Another way is to pay a local Photographer anything from 600 to 900 SEK for a couple of hours instruction around town. Lets be honest here, your not going to get much out of that. How much can one learn in 3 hours.

Or what you can do is join us! We can tick all the boxes above and we are free. We never charge a cent!

TEOP (Teach Each Other Photography) is a group of photographers that enjoy helping each other learn the in's and out's of Photography.

We have regular meet ups were we discuss different techniques of photography, then go out and put them to the test. We have already this year helped a number of photographers take that step from Auto to manual.. free of charge!

We have been on a number of sporting events, Photo walks and night photography shoots around Malmö and Copenhagen. We also have access to a photo studio free of charge.

The great thing about TEOP is that if you are interest in learning something about Photography and your not sure about something. No worries someone else will know it, if not we all help to research it together until we understand it.

Nobody pretends to be an expert here, but we enjoy photography and we take pride in taking nice photographs and we believe that is the important thing.

The group started August 2014 and with in that time many strong friendships have been forged..

We feel this is a unique concept of learning to become a better photographer....

Martin Giles


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