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Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could make a difference in someone else's day? Serve more than enough people, leave your job, start your own service and generate more than enough to satisfy your dreams from your idea that hit a home run?

It's possible. And if you want it and are dedicated to growing and changing along the way then it's possible.

Business Launch Pad is all about stimulating groundbreaking changes at the grassroots level in the community so your idea turns into reality to help make someone's day easier, not harder. In our smaller group meeting's you'll feel inspired, motivated and provided with hands-on experience and information needed to move forward and launch your successful business while keeping the environment and social model as a value and key ingredient and in mind.

The second opportunity is to get connected to Eco Eat's vision and opportunities to end hunger through our innovation, strategies and unique model. Together in our journey, we'll help you learn your SWOT, first people in the field to have conversations with, branding, marketing strategies, building traction along with other sweet and low-cost user-friendly tools. We will also include potential funding pockets to help generate the lean, organic and natural process most successful entrepreneurs take - so the lessons are and risk is minimized. Side note if your idea meets the criteria for grant's you'll be assisted to apply for grant opportunities at no cost - who-hoo!

Sometime's it's the first set of perfect ears to hear your idea and give it the space to grow.

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"The wealthiest place is the graveyard because hopes and aspiration's were not acted upon" - Les Brown (

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"Go for progress not perfection" - Unknown famous person

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