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IF YOU ARE SOMEONE that wants to develop more profound WISDOM IN YOUR LIFE, and you can see a need for greater UNITY and COOPERATION in the world - based on wisdom, then you have come to the right place!

Here - you will have the opportunity to engage with new ideas and people that want to make a real difference in their own lives, and also want to greatly improve the state of the world.

What is TEAMHUMANITY? http://photos3.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/3/b/7/6/event_218235222.jpeg (http://www.teamhumanity.com/one-people-one-world-working-together/)

Essentially people working together as a team, to help create greater wisdom and unity in the world. Wisdom and Unity go hand-in-hand. Through the development of wisdom, unity throughout the world becomes inevitable.

Why is Unity so important?

The majority of the problems in the world today are due to Corporations, Countries and their respective Governments competing AGAINST each other for economic power and control of the world’s resources. There is NO TRUE UNITY or COOPERATION between them. They are ALL acting selfishly for 'their own interests'.

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This 'competitive self-interest' leads to greed, wars, poverty, economic recessions, environmental destruction, distrust between governments...and so on. It cannot improve while we continue to compete AGAINST each other.

Based on wisdom, the answer is clear. We need to UNITE and WORK TOGETHER towards our common good. UNITY is the key - and it is absolutely essential!

Countries and Governments need to be 'psychologically aligned' towards their common good for any real progress to ever be achieved. At the moment, they are 'psychologically at odds' with each other because their focus is on their own self-interest. How many times have you heard politicians say, 'We do not consider it in American interests...', or 'We do not consider it in the interests of Britain...', etc. This is where it all goes so wrong. This 'national self-interest' leads to conflicts, a breakdown in trust, fear, threats, war-mongering, etc.

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The truth is, international relations between governments is in a shocking state. They don't respect each other. They don't trust each other. And this is typically down to 'political and economic self-interest' which leads to conflict with others that oppose your interests. This psychological Competition vs Cooperation (http://www.teamhumanity.com/documents/pdfs/two_models.pdf) graphic illustrates these points.

So how do we change all this? How do you 'psychologically unify' the governments of the world so that they are now aligned towards truly protecting and serving the needs and common good of all people?

Take a look at this 30min Talk titled 'TOGETHER - How we can solve the world's problems by utilising our collective wisdom' (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4cQyL2Ps-Y) given of the Z-Day London Conference, 2013. It outlines the global strategy.

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Wisdom Tools and Resources

A range of resources - Talks, Discussions, Courses, Videos, Books, 5 Minute Wisdom Emails (http://www.teamhumanity.com/subscribe/), etc - will become available through Meetups, the TEAMHUMANITY Website (http://www.teamhumanity.com/wisdom/) and other channels to help people develop their own wisdom and intelligence.

For more information, visit the website.

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