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Futureproof: incident response in cyber security

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Futureproof: incident response in cyber security


Thursday the 18th of July / 2pm - 4pm / Arctic Wolf, Earl Grey House, 75-85 Grey Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6EF

This event is promoting Women in Technology and the allies that support them - all genders are welcome

Are you prepared for security incidents?

Come along to Reed’s Tech on the Tyne meetup and join the interactive session delivered by our guest speakers from global cyber security firm, Arctic Wolf, as they take a deep dive into the world of incident response.
During this free face-to-face meetup at Earl Grey House in Newcastle, Arctic Wolf’s Clare Loveridge, VP and General Manager EMEA, and Megan Henchin, Senior Cyber Security Engineer, will be using their industry expertise to increase understanding around incident response.

In just 40 minutes, we'll cover the key components of incident response and discuss specific role responsibilities. Plus, we’ll deliver a short interactive session to allow you to experience real-world scenarios, sharpening your skills to be ready for potential security issues.
As a Tech on the Tyne event, this meetup has been designed to familiarise you with the latest trends, providing a chance to learn and share ideas with thought leaders in your area.

Our speakers:

Clare Loveridge, VP and General Manager EMEA, Arctic Wolf

Clare is currently Vice President and General Manager EMEA at global cyber security firm Arctic Wolf, worth $4.3bn with over 4,000 customers worldwide. She is an internationally focused global leader with more than 20 years of experience in sales and channel leadership roles at companies like Data Domain and Nimble Storage.
Clare was the first person hired in EMEA at Arctic Wolf to expand the region almost three years ago. She has since collaborated across multiple countries and teams and grown Arctic Wolf in EMEA.

Megan Henchin, Senior Cyber Security Engineer, Arctic Wolf

Megan has been a senior cyber security engineer at Arctic Wolf for the past four years. With a strong background in network engineering and software development, she has a particular passion for Linux, ransomware, and incident response, especially where these fields intersect.

Megan is a two-time recipient of Arctic Wolf’s Global Engineer of the Year award and was recently honoured as the EMEA MVP.

About Tech on the Tyne

Tech on the Tyne is a free technology focussed meetup run by Reed’s technology division for those who are looking to get ‘hands on’ with the latest technologies.

The events are based on a kata format – a structured learning routine – and in attending, you’ll discover exciting technologies to get your teeth into. All you need to do is bring your laptop.

This isn't designed to be a super serious, heads down event. The flow is loose, and collaboration is encouraged. Refreshments are provided.

About Reed's Women in Technology Community

The Reed Women in Technology Community is a 2,600 person network established in 2019 to help close the gender gap in the Technology industry. We do this by:

Supporting women in technology and transformation to achieve their goals and ambitions. Through:

  • Access to mentoring (Over the last 5 years we have created over 1,400 mentoring relationships)
  • Access to personal & professional development opportunities (weekly webinars, workshops. coaching sessions)
  • Access to networking opportunities (In person and virtual)

Bringing more women into the industry. By:

  • Increasing visibility of female role models
  • Demystifying tech roles
  • Providing the above support to people trying to enter the industry (transitioners, returners, early careers)
  • Creating better pathways in to technology careers
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Tech on the Tyne
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