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Census data tools demo
Census Data Tools The U.S. Census Bureau provides a wealth of data, but it can be difficult to know which tool to use or how to use it. At this Tech4Good Las Vegas meetup, learn about a few of the different data tools provided by the U.S. Census Bureau, including American Fact Finder, Census Business Builder, Census Data Mapper, DataFerrett, and My Congressional District. If you would like to explore ahead of time. American Fact Finder: Census Business Builder: Census Data Mapper: DataFerrett: My Congressional District: Presented By REGIS WHALEY, CHES Business Support Manager Three Square Food Bank.


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    Tech4Good Las Vegas welcomes all nonprofits and educational orgs and supporters from the Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

    Our group is for those who need to utilize technology. From no experience to years of experience all are welcome.

    The goal Tech4Good Las Vegas is to be a collaborative of non-profits and educational organizations to help solve Information Technology issues within organizations. Our focus is to assist those nonprofits without IT staff and IT knowledge with a group atmosphere of collaboration and information. Technology should be a tool to enable organizations to achieve their missions with less effort and in the most effective way. Technology is not just hardware and software but also process improvement and information flow. By gathering together in an open forum we can help each other solve those issues that plague our time and respective groups. We will present on topics ranging from Software solutions for things like Donor Management, Volunteer engagement to other topics like printing, phones, internet, Office Programs etc. We strongly encourage individuals from all roles to come join us and help build a great support system for all Non-Profits and educational organization in the Las Vegas area. This is an open initiations to everyone within a nonprofit or educational organization along with those in the business community that would like to share their knowledge and time to help make our community better.

    Tech4Good in partnership with NetSquared and NTEN gathers together nonprofits and activists, tech leaders and funders, and everyone who's interested in using technology for social change

    Nonprofit staffers will find a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for those who aren't experienced with technology, and many chances to ask questions of tech-experienced nonprofits and experts.

    Technologists and consultants will find opportunities to put your expertise to social good, as well as the potential for lasting relationships (be they paid or volunteer) with leading organizations in your community.

    Activists and community leaders will see and be given the opportunity to present on successful uses of technology for social change. Not content to simply focus on "shiny tech," we'll explore what the true potential for social change is in each case, where community organizing work can be made more effective, and where it will have to push technology forward.

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