Tech Talk: What's in the Box? A guided tour of a modern web application

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Guest Speaker: Erik Gross, Co-founder of The Tech Academy

Today's modern web development tools give you a ton of code right out of the gate, making rapid application development possible. But it can be a challenge to understand what each part of your new, auto-generated app does, and how to modify the app as you make it solve the business need that drove its creation in the first place.

In this Tech Talk, Tech Academy co-founder Erik Gross will go over the essential principles of all web application frameworks, and then review how Microsoft's ASP.NET MVC implements those principles. You'll leave with a greater understanding of web app frameworks, how MVC works and how to modify it, and an approach to analyzing any pre-built framework you use in the future.

12:45 p.m. Pizza and Refreshments
1:00 p.m. Tech Talk starts

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