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Greetings one and all to Techalicious! This group is for for Like minded passionate individuals who want to meet other technology enthusiasts. Newbies and experts are welcome! We strive to create an atmosphere of sharing, with the goal to always keep things super fun.

If this sort of thing tickles your tastebuds then welcome aboard to Techalicious!

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Sneakers [1992] Movie Night 🤓👍🏻 + Free Food 🤤🍖

Winter blues getting you down? Don't frown! Come and join us for the smash hit 1992 techie movie gem, SNEAKERS! Featuring free food and merriment! What more could you ask for? Don't delay RSVP TODAY! 🤩 ABOUT: A security pro finds his past coming back to haunt him, when he and his unique team are tasked with retrieving a particularly important item. IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0105435/

Tech Networking Social Mixer [Toronto]

Pizzeria Via Mercanti

WATCH THE VIDEO TRAILER @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3nscY4wXFQ A special evening of networking with your technology industry peers. Meet fellow programmers, web designers, network admins, entrepreneurs, and regex wizards! Attendees will have the opportunity to mingle with like minded folk that support the technology industry.

Raspberry Pi + Emulation Station 🤓👍🏻 + Mario 3: Win Your Own Pi Competion! 😮

Do you want to get your retro gaming on? Now is the time! With the Raspberry pi + the Emulation Station project you can setup your very own retro gaming emulator! 😍 ABOUT THIS EVENT: - I will show how to setup the Emulation Station in all it's glory! - Afterwards we will play the classic SUPER MARIO BROS 3 game! - Whoever achieves the highest score will win your very own Raspberry Pi with Emulation Station fully configured. - 🤤🥓🥨🍔🥩 Free appetizers will be provided! Don't delay RSVP TODAY! 🤩

Unix Epoch Time 1600000000 Second Rollover Party [Toronto]

Madison Avenue Pub

Unix Epoch time, the start of time for all unix-based systems. Early Unix engineers picked that date arbitrarily, because they needed to set a uniform date for the start of time, and New Year's Day, 1970, seemed most convenient. Let's celebrate 1,600,000,000 seconds since the start of that mythical date aka the DAWN OF COMPUTER TIME! Drinks, merriment, and good company, what more can you ask for!? Don't delay, RSVP today! 1,600,000,000 seconds occurs on: GMT: Sunday, September 13,[masked]:26:40 PM Our time zone: Sunday, September 13,[masked]:26:40 AM GMT-04:00 DST

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DOSBox Setup Tutorial + Free Food 🤤🥓


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