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Greetings one and all to Techalicious! This group is for for Like minded passionate individuals who want to meet other technology enthusiasts. Newbies and experts are welcome! We strive to create an atmosphere of sharing, with the goal to always keep things super fun.

If this sort of thing tickles your tastebuds then welcome aboard to Techalicious!

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FREE PIZZA + CLI Shenanigans with youtube-dl [Toronto]

youtube-dl is a command-line program to download videos from a vast list of websites. In this event I will demonstrate how to use this AMAZING application to solve all your media download needs ^__^ And oh ya, free pizza for all! Don't delay RSVP today! IMPORTANT: youtube-dl, is not illegal, it allows you to download videos from a wide range of websites. However in regards to YouTube, for example, it is against their Terms of Service to download anyone else's video(s) off of Youtube, regardless of the licensing status. This tutorial is just to demonstrate how this software tool works, please be advised and use at your own risk. TIP: Always check out the site's Terms of Service before using this program, if the language used in the TOS sounds as if they do not appreciate you using third party apps to interact with their site then don't do it! :) One more thing! After the presentation our sister group Geekalcious is having an event as well, feel free to hang out and drink and be merry ( https://www.meetup.com/Geekalicious/events/267081312/)

Unix Epoch Time 1600000000 Second Rollover Party [Toronto]

Madison Avenue Pub

Unix Epoch time, the start of time for all unix-based systems. Early Unix engineers picked that date arbitrarily, because they needed to set a uniform date for the start of time, and New Year's Day, 1970, seemed most convenient. Let's celebrate 1,600,000,000 seconds since the start of that mythical date aka the DAWN OF COMPUTER TIME! Drinks, merriment, and good company, what more can you ask for!? Don't delay, RSVP today! 1,600,000,000 seconds occurs on: GMT: Sunday, September 13,[masked]:26:40 PM Our time zone: Sunday, September 13,[masked]:26:40 AM GMT-04:00 DST

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Tech Networking Social Mixer [Toronto]

Pizzeria Via Mercanti

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