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BendTech MeetUp featuring Footgaming!

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Join us on August 26th for a BendTech MeetUp featuring Judy Shasek, local technologist, discussing her newest invention: Footgaming!

5:00-5:30 Networking, drinks and snacks. 1st 50 get one free drink ticket, additional drinks can be purchased.

5:30-6:00, Welcome and announcements from BendTech, WoTech, COISUG, COWPU and Ignite!Bend, and thanks to sponsors.

6:30. Judy’s presentation with questions and demo from 6:30-7:30

7:30-8:00 More networking

This event is free, and is being sponsored by Cinetix Solutions, a local IT Consulting company. Many thanks to and Lewis Howell for helping to organize this event.

About Footgaming and Judy Shasek: Judy is a Bend resident who has invented a very cool device that can replace a regular computer mouse with a foot operated mouse, for gamers. Judy has the patent, The FootGaming and FootPOWR project are games and peripherals used in consoles like Wii and PS2. FootGaming is an independent company encouraging active game play during thousands of existing casual games (, PopCap, WebKinz World etc).

Judy's goal is to help get children and adults up and moving. Judy is an educator and innovator, who’s worked with top fitness researchers to incorporate physical activity into computer gaming and education. She's working with all kinds of interesting folks throughout the country, and is a real mover and shaker.

"FootGaming™ is an energy-powered way to interact with a PC—playing casual games, using various software and tying physical activity via a new type of computer peripheral, the FootPOWR™ pad. There have been many types of user interface devices that get one moving—i.e., a dance platform lets us play games like DDR and game controllers like Wii FIT provide wonderful exercise.

FootGaming is different. Rather than designing an “exergame” controller for specific games,
FootGaming uses the FootPOWR™ pad with thousands of existing casual games and educational software. Any game that is played with a “mouse” or a few keyboard strokes is easily played with the FootPOWR pad."

Judy's websites:

http://footgaming.blo... (

http://exerlearning.b... (

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