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Tech Talk: China AI Night (final Info Update)

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Tech Talk: China AI Night (final Info Update)


Over the past 2018 we have heard tons of news on how China is advancing in the artificial intelligence sector. Where is China now in terms of real-life AI application? Which lessons have we learned from 2018 and what will be the buzz word for the year 2019? What does it mean for Europe, especially for Germany whose government just announced a 3bn EUR investment plan in AI?

We don`t have ready answers to all these questions, but we have brought a panel of AI experts from both China and Germany, to share their insights and spark new thoughts with our group members. The expert panel will include Han Xiao, Senior Research Scientist at Tencent AI Lab/ Chairman of German-Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence e.V., as well as Anacode, our star company driven by professionals in the fields of Deep Learning, NLP and international business.

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18:30 Warm Welcome

18:45 Janna Lipenkova: Spotlight on AI in China
Abstract: Whether it comes to futuristic transportation concepts like autonomous flying, optimization of business processes or robots that speak like humans - Artificial Intelligence is a major trend in the international tech landscape, and China is frequently figuring on the forefront. How much if it is hype, what do actual Chinese consumers know and think about AI and what can Western companies learn from this huge market? In this talk, we will present an analysis of the Chinese AI industry. We will shed light on the major developments in R&D and technology, look at important use cases for companies and the government and also present how the topic is perceived and accepted by consumers. Our analysis is based on Anacode's technology which collects large quantities of data from the Web and analyzes them - guess what - using AI!

19:15 Han Xiao: Neural Information Retrieval Applications at Tencent AI Lab
Abstract: Recent advances of deep learning in NLP make us rethink the traditional information retrieval system, in particular, those represent query and the doc using hand-crafted features and store an inverted index, e.g. Elasticsearch, Lucene. By contrast, more recently proposed neural models can learn representations of language from raw text that bridge the gap between query and document "automagically". In this talk, Xiao will give an overview of how Tencent AI Lab apply neural IR to real applications such as Chatbot, Lyrics Search, and Patent Search.

19:45 Panel Talk

20:30 Event ends. Networking.

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