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What we’re about

Now more than ever, technology is everywhere in our lives; driving innovation and change so much that it is very important to keep informed just to stay relevant. It is for this mission that TechFaithful was started - to bring together experts in local cities and neighborhoods around the world to share their knowledge and insights in technology breakthroughs in a simple understandable way. If you want to learn about technology, new developments and how things actually work? From a deep dive into an iPhone's hardware to building a website, this meetup is for you. Each week we shall lead a discussion or have one or more expert speakers to introduce us to a topic they are passionate about. If there are more topics and discussions to be tackled, there may be parallel sessions broken up based on audience interests and available experts. 

Join us  on announced days for free tech talks, info sessions or happy hours focused on discovering new tech stuff, meeting and getting involved in useful discussions with tech pros or mastering a new skill. Our events are well-suited for all levels of technical knowledge; from curious beginners to tech grandmasters on the lookout for new things. In line with our mission, the information shared is always kept simple and understandable yet introducing something new. Please note that the level of simplicity is sometimes dictated by the subject being discussed.

In addition, we are always looking for donations to fuel these gatherings and, sometimes accommodate an experts' requirements. Donations can be in form of cash, PayPal or time to present. Reach out at to get involved.

Our Events are arranged into 3 categories:

Tech Talks: These are talks about technical topics on devices or a technology especially those in the news, and even technology breakthroughs. Come join us to learn something new, refresh your memory on a subject or present your view on the topic of discussion. 

After every meetup, a link to the discussion is included in the comments of that meetup, so you can catch up on the discussion that you missed. However, a lot is discussed and demonstrated in the actual meetup that attending is the best way to immerse yourself in the technology being reviewed for that session.

Happy Hours: Is there better way to talk about all things tech than over drinks and snacks? Come join us to network, mingle with experts and newbies and most importantly have fun.

Info Sessions: If you’re interested in learning more about a specific sponsoring business, meet some decision makers or apply for a job, these are the events for you! You’ll learn more about that business through the eyes of the insiders, get tips and non-public info that can give you a leg up in your career or possible job placement with the business and many other opportunities.

If you want to  and spread the movement to spread tech knowledge, Please get in touch with us an email at if you wish to:

a) Co-sponsor, partner or setup an event with us. 

b) Setup a TechFaithful chapter in your city.

IF YOU ARE STUCK OR HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, call 702-748-7555 on the day of the meetup BEFORE the start of the event.

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